How To Cast Out Demons

How To Cast Out Demons

Mark 16:17-20

And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; 18 they will pick up snakes with their hands; and when they drink deadly poison, it will not hurt them at all; they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” 19 After the Lord Jesus had spoken to them, he was taken up into heaven and he sat at the right hand of God. 20 Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it.

Luke 10:17-19

The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” 1 8 He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

James 4:7

Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

  • Roberta, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 18-20.

A young married woman (lets call her Roberta) came to see me seeking advice during a conference. She had a history o mental illness and had spent much time in hospitals. She wanted my help yet was not eager for me to pray. Later, when she came to my office and allowed me to pray for her profound depression to lift, no evident healing took place.

I noticed two strange things about her appearance: She had a beautiful but haunted face and rows of patterned burn marks arranged neatly up and down her arms like tattoos. She had inflicted them on herself, she told me, by sticking a lighted cigarette to her flesh. When I asked if it had not hurt, she answered, “No!” The lack of pain seemed strange but I ascribed it to some mysterious kind of psychological blocking out. He also told me she liked to wander around cemeteries, and felt most at home in settings that reminded her of death. She left my office pretty much the same way she came; I simply did not know how to help her.

A few months later some of her friends brought her to where I was speaking at a large conference. At that point I began to suspect that I was dealing something more than a mere psychological problem. Every time she started to approach me to talk, she turned around again and disappeared into the crowd. Her friends finally calmed her down and brought her forward to tell me how, as a young girl, her father had consecrated her to an evil spirit in a satanic ritual in Brazil. She had become a priestess of Satan. But now that she was in the United States she was trying to live a normal life. She asked me to free her.

Realising that I was in over my head, I introduced her to a leader at the camp who had a lot of experience in praying for deliverance. Aside from my own lack of experience, I did not have much time to spend with her because I was a main speaker and 350 other people were attending the camp. I told her I would be available to start the prayer, but that my friend would do the actual casting out.. She pleaded with me to stay and lead the entire deliverance prayer, but I felt that my more experienced colleague would do better at praying for her deliverance.

So around ten o’clock one night I initiated the prayer, then turned the session over to the other leader, who took over and prayed vigorously for several hours while I watched. Finally, around two in the morning, I decided to leave since I was scheduled to speak the next morning and was becoming exhausted. It seemed like wisdom for me to leave and retire to my cabin to get some rest.

Before dawn I was awakened by a knock at my cabin door. A man told me to get up, that Roberta had tried cutting her wrists. I stumbled to my feet and got dressed. But what could I possibly do that I had not already done? Nevertheless, they brought Roberta over. She asked if we could talk. So we sat down on the doorstep of my cabin as the sun came up. She told me she had just called her husband two hours away to come and pick her up and take her home. Then she threatened to commit suicide when she got there.

Is Satan using guilt to keep me up night and day? I thought. “You’re a priest,” she went on pointedly, “and you don’t even believe in who you are. You’re the only one in this camp who has the spiritual power to free me. I came to you, and you turned me over to somebody who can’t do it.”

This hit me hard. Suppose God did want me to pray for her? If it was the devil, on the other hand, what better way to wipe me out as a speaker than to get me trapped the way my friend was trapped last night? By telling me I was the only one who could pull it off, was she just appealing to my vanity?

I finally promised to try and help her, provided that she, in turn, did everything possible to cooperate. She agreed. And as a first step she confided that she had been consecrated to a particular demon mentioned in the Bible, and that a scripture verse had been pinned to her when she had been consecrated to Satan. She was not familiar with the Bible, but asked in her accented English if there might not be a book named “Jope.”

That sounds like Job,” I said.

That’s it!”

By the time of our appointment the next morning, she had spent hours preparing and had found her verse, Job 18:24: “He is torn from the security of his tent and marched off to the king of terrors.”

King of Terrors is the one I was offered to, “ she said.

For the net hour I led her through repentance and forgiveness of sins, then asked her to renounce all her involvement in the occult realm. After that I prayed to break any curses and cast out the King of Terrors. The beautiful conclusion came when she consecrated her life to Jesus Christ, was baptised in the Hoy Spirit, prayed in a tongue and interpreted it herself.

Just as Satan has been using you for his purposes,” went the interpretation, “I will now use you for My own glory.”

At the end of our prayer time, which was quiet and lasted about an hour, Robert looked different, not to say transformed. Her original reason for coming to see me, as it turned out, was her shock when one of her daughters had asked her if she was a devil. Also she had been addicted to various drugs, which I had not known about when I prayed, and yet the addiction was broken during our prayer. Thereafter she was able to begin a radically new life with her husband and children.

  • Lester Sumrall testimony of Clarita Villaneuva, Alien Entities pg 131.

Clarita Villanueva, a 17-year-old Filipino girl, had known a life of tragedy. She did not remember her father. She did not know if he had died or had deserted her mother. Her mother was a spiritist and a fortuneteller by vocation. The girl was brought up watching her mother holding séances, communicating with the dead, and using clairvoyance to predict to sinful people what they could expect in the future. Her mother took money from people for her services, and then laughed at them behind their backs. To her it was all just a game, a means of making a living by duping unsuspecting and gullible people.

When Clarita was still very young, about twelve years old, her mother died. Since she did not have any immediate family to take her in and care for her, she became a vagabond. She fell into the hands of harlots and at the tender age of 12 was selling her body as a prostitute. The harlots taught her how to handle men, how to get money for her services. Clarita worked her way up from her island home to the capital city of Manila. The big city was a hiding place, a center of money and vice for her business. The local harlots became her teachers and she learned the night life in the big capital city. In Manila there were more men to seduce. By the time she was 17 years old, Clarita was frequenting the bars and taverns of Manila, living the “gay life” by soliciting men for harlotry. But one morning at 2 a.m. on the streets of downtown Manila, Clarita made the mistake of offering her services to a plainclothes police officer. The policeman called for a vehicle and Clarita was taken to the ancient Bilibid Prison, used as the city jail. Bilibid has been a prison for over 300 years. It was built by the Spanish and used by the Americans, the Filipinos, and the Japanese as a prison and a place of torment.

Two days after Clarita was incarcerated, there struck the strangest phenomenon to ever hit Bilibid Prison in its 300-year history. This young harlot was bitten severely on her body by unseen and unknown alien entities. There were two of them—a huge monster-like spirit and a smaller one. They sunk their fangs and teeth deep into her flesh making deep indentations. They would bite her neck, back, legs and arms simultaneously, Blood flowed, mostly underneath her skin, from the bites. The 17-year-old girt screamed in horror and fainted.

The guards and medics heard the commotion and came running to the women’s division of the prison. The other female inmates pointed to the writhing, tormented girl on a cot. The girl was taken to the prison hospital for observation and treatment where all the doctors declared that they had never seen anything like it. These strange demonic bitings began to occur daily, baffling all who saw it. Dr. Lara, the prison physician, appealed for help through the media and permitted many to view the strange phenomenon.

Filipino, Chinese and American doctors, university professors, and other professionals were called in to analyze the situation. The news media soon caught wind of the occurrence and sent reporters out to investigate. The newspapers, radio stations and magazines found it their kind of story and began to publicize it. Even the cartoonists were soon drawing pictures of the entities from Clarita’s descriptions, as the bitings continued day by day. The UFI and other world news services began to report the phenomenon worldwide.

In my travels throughout the world, I have not been in any country in which the newspapers did not give this story front-page coverage. Switzerland, France, Germany, England, Canada, the United States—everywhere this strange phenomenon was front-page news at the time. One doctor accused the girl of putting on an act in order only to get publicity. Clarita gazed at the doctor. With her snake-like eyes she said, “You wilt die.” He didn’t feel anything at the moment, but the following day the doctor expired without even getting sick. He simply died. Fear struck the city when that news was spread about. The girl was not only a harlot, they said, she was also a witch who could speak curses upon human beings and they would die.

The chief jailer had a confrontation with the girl. He had kicked her for something she had done wrong while rebelling against him. Clarita looked at the jailer in cold, inhuman hate and said, “You will die!” Within four days the man was dead and buried, the second person to fall victim to her curse. I walked into Bilibid Prison just as the funeral cortege moved out. The prison guards had paid their last respects to their chief. Dr. Lara, the chief medical officer, and his staff were deeply concerned. They had a prisoner who certainly was not crazy, but who was being wildly attacked by unseen entities and being bitten deeply on all parts of her body by creatures no one else could see. I have never seen such a fearful and perplexed group of people as those I met in that prison that day. They were afraid that this thing would kill them as it had the two others who dared cross it. It was their responsibility to do something for the girl, yet they had no earthly idea what to do about the situation. It was beyond their medical knowledge.

Who were these alien entities? The large one, Qarita said, was a monster in size. He was black and very hairy. He had fangs that came down on each side of his mouth, plus a set of buck-teeth all the way around. The doctors verified her description by the teeth marks on her body: buckteeth solid, all the way around the bite, rather than sharp teeth in the front. The smaller entity was almost like a dwarf. He would climb up her body to bite her upper torso. Both of these spirits liked to bite her where there was a lot of flesh, like the back of her leg, the back of her neck, the fleshy part of her upper arms. They would bite deep into her, leaving ugly, painful bruises.

Dr. Lara and his medical assistants called in all sorts of observers, medical doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists and professors from the Far East University and the University of Santo Tomas. No one had ever witnessed such strange and demonic behavior. Nor did they know any solution to the problem. They all wondered who would be the next victim of her curse. Dr. Lara and his staff sent out word everywhere, “Come and help us. Please help us.” They received 3,000 cables from heathen countries suggesting possible cures, but not one from a Christian country. Do you see how we Christians have been asleep? The word went out over the world. Three thousand telegrams came in, mostly from Japan and India, telling them what to do with an invisible biting monster. But not one Christian nation had any solution to the problem.

They asked in Manila for somebody to come and help. The only group who turned up were the spiritists who said it was John the Baptist biting her. The officials asked the spiritists to leave. I was the next one to come upon the scene. After three awful weeks of this torture, a radio reporter came to Bilibid and taped a session while the doctors were violently struggling with the demonized harlot. The reporter immediately released his story on a local radio station, just after the 10 o’clock news. This was the first I had heard of the hell in Bilibid Prison. The newspapers had given it front-page coverage, but I was too busy building a church to read the newspapers. That’s what the devil would like for us to do, to get so involved in taking care of our own little mission that we allow him a free rein to do anything he wants to do.

When the Bible says to be vigilant, this is what it means: to see what the devil is doing in the world; to keep up with him; to resist him and fight him in whatever he might be doing. I stayed up all night praying and weeping before the Lord. I was interceding for the city, for the girt and for myself. I was living in a city that had a great need and I was not helping to meet that need. I was so busy putting up our church building and doing my own thing that I was not involved in the tragedy of Bilibid.

The next morning God spoke to me and told me to go to that prison and pray for the demonized girl. I did not want to go, but God assured me that He had no one else in the city to send. Therefore I went. Because I was a foreigner in the Philippines, I went to the mayor’s office and asked permission to see Clarita. He granted me his permission but warned me that several people had been injured by the girl and that two had been cursed and were dead. I went with the understanding that I would not sue the government if I was hurt, and that I would not complain if mistreated.

When I arrived at the prison, the head doctor of six physicians. Dr. Lara, was skeptical of this foreign minister, but he finally permitted me to see the girl.

Clarita was brought into a special room where I was waiting with a large group of news reporters, foreign members of the press, university professors, and medical doctors, who had been invited by Dr. Lara. As Clarita was being led into the room, she looked at them and said nothing, but when she saw me she screamed violently, “I hate you!” Instantly I inserted, “I know you hate me. I have come to cast you out.”

That was the beginning of the confrontation. There was a raging battle with the girl blaspheming God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Her eyes were burning coals of fire and full of hate. I commanded the evil spirit to loose her. After a three-day confrontation with the devil in her, the miracle of God came upon her. She relaxed, smiled, and said, “He’s gone.”

“Where did he go?” I asked.

“He went out that way,” she replied. “He’s gone.”

The local newspapers, magazines and radio told the story- One headline read, “He dies; the devil is dead'” Another one said, “Devil loses round one.”

  • This incident led to the breaking open of the Philippines to the gospel. A 6 week crusade was organised as a direct result of this in which 150 000 people gave their lives to the Lord!

  • Not an expert – but have some experience. Take word of God by faith.

  • Example of Tamburai – demonisation by rap. Other examples rejection, trauma, lust, naming child, discouragement. Gareth Henry will testify next week.

  • Checks and balancers – not every problem is a demon! May be the flesh, the world or the devil. Could be wounds and hurts. Inner healing very important. Could be a strange personality or idiosyncrasy! Don’t blame everything on the devil! Please don’t start trying to exorcise everyone you meet! Need to handle this revelation with maturity, wisdom and sensitivity.

  • Course not trying to prove existence of demons, teach on authority of the believer, or deal with details – purpose is to teach you how to cast out demons!

  • 5 problems: 1) ignorance 2) fear 3) complacency 4) overzealousness 5) arrogance. We need to overcome by replacing:

  • Ignorance with knowledge.

  • Fear with faith.

  • Complacency with action.

  • Overzealousness with wisdom.

  • Arrogance with humility.

  • Can a Christian have a demon? Yes. Almost every demon I have cast out has been in Christians! In a Christian these demons are not in their spirit, which is possessed by the Holy Spirit, but in their soul or body. Explain tripartite nature – spirit, soul & body. Should not talk of possession so much as demonisation or infestation.

  • Degrees of demonisation – oppression, obsession, possession (Kenneth Hagin, The Triumphant Church).

Oppression – what most of us experience – sickness, fear, doubt, discouragement, confusion, temptation, deception, heaviness (Jas 4:7).

Obsession – if you give in to the attack and don’t resist it. Demon strengthens itself and attaches itself to you either inside or outside. Dangerous, strong influence.

Possession – evil spirit totally inhabits you – lives in your spirit. No Christian can be possessed and few non-Christians are. Very few cases of true possession. Only those involved with occult or Satanism.

  • Does someone have to be a Christian to be delivered? No – God is gracious. He will deliver or heal any who come to Him. But they must be willing for Jesus to deliver them. It helps if they get saved first. BUT if they don’t get saved after that there condition will be worse than it was before they were delivered! The demon will return with 7 worse demons!

  • Does someone have to be a Christian to do deliverance? Yes. Only a born-again believer can wield the authority of Christ. If someone tries to do deliverance and they are not a believer they open themselves up to grave danger e.g. sons of Sceva Acts 19.

How does someone get demonised?

  • Demons do not just jump on you! Only demonise you if given permission or authority to do so. Doors have to be opened to give them access. Can oppress you but not attach or indwell you unless you allow it.

  • There are 5 common ways people open doors and get demonized. These relate to the four main categories of spirits:

  1. Personal sin – spirits of sin

  • Sins of commission (e.g. acts of the flesh) or omission (e.g. unforgiveness).

  • Flesh > demonic; acting carnally opens up door for demons. Foothold > stronghold. Any sin taken to the extreme can be filled by demons.

How do they enter?

  • Spirits that lodge themselves in people due to their sin. Not all sin but:

  1. Habitual sin – over a long period of time.

  2. Serious sin – intense sin such as murder.

  • Sin makes a home for evil spirit which eventually moves in. Aggravates and worsens these vices.

  • Names of such spirits are bitterness, anger, lust, pornography, hate, hatred of men, envy, abortion, and most commonly unforgiveness.

  • Spirits add driven addictive, compulsive dimension to sin.

How do they leave?

  • Must repent to be set free.

  • Demons can be passed on through sex. All deviant sexual practices attract demons e.g. prostitution, homosexuality, bestiality, sadomasochism etc.

  • Abortion and spirit of death.

  • Suicide and spirit of death.

  1. Generational sin – ancestral or familiar spirits

How do they enter?

  • This is not our sin but the sin of our ancestors. They opened the door to the demonic and now we have the problem.

  • Ex 20:5, Deut 5:9 curse and iniquity to 3rd or 4th generation. Roots of generational sin often come from forefathers.

  • Blood line curses or generational curses are passed down. Spiritual genetic weakness. Iniquity = bentness or crookedness. Ancestral spirits may inhabit this twistedness. E.g. alcoholism, fits of rage, lust, fear, depression (e.g. Jim Laffoon).

  • Familiar (family) spirits can also be passed on either accidentally or deliberately. Lester Sumrall tells the story of a man who had 7 spirits and who was planning on passing them on his son when he died – and the son was keen to receive them.

  • Familiar spirits are much stronger in families that practice occultism e.g. ancestralism, channeling, witchcraft etc.

  • They may enter at the point of conception (e.g. demonized child on Ancient Paths video), in utero, birth, puberty, death of parent or other time.

  1. Victimization, rejection and trauma – spirits of trauma

How do they enter?

  • These spirits come though the sins of others against us, or through very difficult circumstances. e.g. through rape, abandonment, accidents, death etc. Then infest wound.

  • Two thirds of deliverance. Move in when:

  1. Suffers severe emotional trauma, and

  2. Is unprotected spiritually.

  • Need inner healing and deliverance – often demon surfaces when dealing with emotional trauma.

  • Especially target children and women.

  • Have names like rejection, abandonment, grief, fear, etc. Often come in clusters of spirits.

  • Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 91 story of Don Basham.

One of the pioneers in resurrecting the deliverance ministry in the last generation was Don Basham, who described how he came to find that his own small daughter Laura needed deliverance. Don and his wife, Alice, thought they had lost Laura and were exasperated when they found that Laura had simply wandered off and was playing in her friend’s garage while they were searching the neighbourhood frantically. When they discovered her, Alice cried out to her, “We thought we would never see our Laura Ann again!” at which Laura began to wail in terror. Her parents tried to consol her, but she continued to wail.

At bedtime Laura told Don she could not sleep. When Don asked her why, she answered, “’Cause every time I start to say my prayers, something inside of me makes fun of my prayers.”

Reluctant as I was to think it, it sounded precisely like the activity of some demonic mocking spirit. What a frightening idea, that such a thing could invade my own child!

I tried to sound casual as I made the suggestion to Laura. “You know, honey, that sounds a little like it might be an evil spirit.”


Want to get rid of it?”

Laura nodded. I was grateful that the children knew about the ministry that I was getting into and accepted it quite naturally….

From what Laura had said I assumed the spirit’s name would be mockery, but to my surprise, when I commanded it to name itself, Laura answered firmly, “Fear.” As I ordered the spirit of fear to come out, Laura grabbed herself across the midriff. Then she straightened up.

I felt it leave,” said matter-of-factly. “I’m fine now. G’nite, Daddy.” And she snuggled down against her pillow….

Daddy?” Laura’s sleepy voice reached me at the door. “I think I know when that old spirit came in.”

You do? When?”

Well, you know this afternoon when you and Mommy were so mad at me? And you said you might never see me again? Daddy, I got so scared! And I felt something laughing ever since.” …

This was how I began to explore, quite by accident within my own family, the ways in which an evil spirit can gain entry into the system. What happened with Laura, I felt, was that because of the afternoon’s trauma a crack appeared in her natural defences. As a child of God she was ordinarily protected from such invasions. Actually, however, It must work out often for us that because of some disturbance – a shock, an illness, an accident – our normal defences are let down. Obviously it doesn’t take long for an evil spirit to take advantage of the situation, get in and start doing its dirty work.

How does it leave?

  • Leaves very easily. As forgiveness and inner healing happen, spirit is easily dealt with.

  • Pg 191, Deliverance From Evil Spirits.

On occasion I have prayed from the platform at a large, public healing service to free people from the spirits of trauma whose names came to me in prayer. I have done this calmly, and usually there is little audible response. Afterward anywhere between ten and twenty people out of a congregation of say, two hundred will tell me they felt something quietly leave. The following is from a letter I received from a woman recently:

When you prayed on Saturday night for the spirits of grief and rejection to leave in the name of Jesus, I felt something moving through my body each time and out both arms, which were raised in prayer. It was awesome. At the same time I became aware of great peace all through my body.

On Sunday morning I woke up with the worst pain from colitis I have had in a long time. You told a story about a woman troubled with the hatred of men. I have experienced that for a long time; and, just as my mother suffers from colitis, I believe I got the feeling of hatred of men generational through her. I also have a feeling she was sexually abused as I was, but she has never talked about it. When you rebuked the spirit of hatred of men, I felt that leave me too.

Right before the session, still in pain from the colitis, even though I had taken a lot more medicine than normal, I asked a friend to pray for me and the pain went totally away. I felt a deeper peace in that part of my body than I’ve ever felt. Praise God in Jesus Christ.

  1. Witchcraft, occult, false religions, cults and fraternal orders – occult spirits

  • These are hardest spirits to dislodge because they are there by invitation.

How do they enter?

  • Occult = Latin: hidden or secret. Seeking 1) wisdom/knowledge or 2) power – outside God.

  • Many people get involved in the occult ignorantly – they don’t realize what they are doing is occultic e.g.:

  • Curiosity about future, fate of deceased, mutis amulets, or charms to be healed loved one– Ouija board, fortune teller, necromancer, spirit medium.

  • Magic to put spell on someone to fall in love with them, or to hurt others through a curse

  • Channelling, witchcraft, magic, astral projection, etc.

  • Making a covenant or pact with the devil.

  • Full on Satanism and being part of a satanic coven – sexual orgies, torture, blood sacrifice (animal or human), parodies of Christian worship.

  • New Age – spirit guides, channelling, crystals, TM, yoga, astrology.

  • Witchdoctors – muti, charms, blessings, prayers, sacrifices.

  • Ancestor worship.

  • Martial arts.

  • Freemasonry and other secret societies.

  • Certain music.

  • Certain games – magic cards, D&D etc.

  • Drugs.

  • Orgies.

  • White or black magic – wicker, séances, voodoo, divination, fortune-telling.

  • Child dedication to ancestors, spirits, demons e.g. Lester Sumrall, Alien Entities, Arlindo the witch doctor, pg 65 & 123.

The Brazilian witch doctor, Arlindo Barbosa de Oliveira, was baptized to the devil some two weeks before he was born. His mother went to a powerful witch doctor and begged that a strong séance be organized. She went into a coma and the witch doctor opened her dress. Over her naked body he poured the hot blood of a chicken that he had sacrificed, making the sign of the cross on her stomach. He said, “Whatever is here I dedicate to the devil.” From that moment, Arlindo was to be the servant of alien entities.

These spirits manifested themselves in Arlindo from the time he was a baby. He said that when he was three years old he could write drug prescriptions in Latin for the sick and that any pharmacist could read and fill these prescriptions. At that age the child was not even yet able to write his native Portuguese, but he could write Latin, a language he could not possibly have known, Arlindo said that his younger brother, who was in the same room with him, fell ill. Arlindo went into a trance and saw two evil spirits. They growled at each other and attacked his brother, each struggling for possession of the boy. When Arlindo opened his eyes, his brother was dead. The demons had killed him.

At the time I met Arlindo, he worked in the office of the President of Brazil, and had worked in the Ministry of War and other government agencies of that nation, I point out this fact to show that a person can be possessed of the devil and still hold a good job. Arlindo, for example, fulfilled a high government position by day and was a witch doctor by night—for 40 years!

We must remember that we are not talking about insane people when we talk of witchcraft. Many of the people involved in this demonic activity are well-educated, intelligent, successful human beings, which makes them all the more dangerous and all the more difficult to identify.

  • Pagan worship/temples, pagan dancing, meditation & chanting.

How do they leave?

  • Repentance (and preferably getting saved).

  • Renouncing – cutting all ties with it. Actively disassociating.

  • Rebuking – casting out the spirits.

  1. Curses

How do they enter (or come on)?

  • People can be demonized by being cursed – or a curse coming back to them.

  • Can be invoking ‘blessing’ of demons through ancestors, spirits, wicker etc but always results in a curse.

  • Words spoken from the heart or out of great anguish.

  • Invoking demonic power to negatively affect or destroy (spell) – more powerful if done by a witch, or if accompanied by sacrifice, voodoo, or black magic.

  • Witches often pray, fast and make sacrifices to curse (esp. pastors and their families).

  • Blood empowers cursing.

  • Story of John G. Lake in Africa.

How do they leave / are broken?

  • To break it one just as has to rebuke it in the Name of Jesus. More about this in third message.

Other categories of spirits?

  • Intellectual spirits.

  • Religious spirits.

  • Spirits of legalism.

  • Spirits of sickness/infirmity.

  • Spirits of mental or emotional sickness & insanity.

  • Tormenting spirits.

Casting Out Demons


I Jn 4:4

You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

Matt 10:1

He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out evil spirits and to heal every disease and sickness…7 As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.’ 8 Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

Mark 1:25-27

“Be quiet!” said Jesus sternly. “Come out of him!” 26 The evil spirit shook the man violently and came out of him with a shriek. 27 The people were all so amazed that they asked each other, “What is this? A new teaching– and with authority! He even gives orders to evil spirits and they obey him.”

Mark 9:25-26

When Jesus saw that a crowd was running to the scene, he rebuked the evil spirit. “You deaf and mute spirit,” he said, “I command you, come out of him and never enter him again.” 26 The spirit shrieked, convulsed him violently and came out.

Acts 16:18

She kept this up for many days. Finally Paul became so troubled that he turned around and said to the spirit, “In the name of Jesus Christ I command you to come out of her!” At that moment the spirit left her.

Phil 2:9-11

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, 10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, 11 and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  • Testimonies – Gareth Henry, Honey, Bells.

  • Kenneth Hagin, The Triumphant Church, pg 61-63.

As he was talking the Holy Spirit showed me that in his case three demons were involved. I knew that by the word of knowledge. You have to depend on the Holy Spirit in these areas. You won’t know what’s operating against a person unless the Holy Spirit shows you.

I answered him, “I can help you. I perceive that there’s not just one spirit driving you, but there are really three spirits involved. First, there is a spirit of deception that’s gotten a hold of you. Then there’s a spirit of lying. And there is also an unclean spirit involved. I can cast all three of these spirits out of you, but it won’t do a bit of good unless you do something yourself about the situation.”

When people sin, they have to repent and completely turn away from wrongdoing before you can help them. Anyone can be set free from an evil spirit if he’s willing. But what a person does after he’s delivered of evil spirits is of the utmost importance.

Is he going to feed his mind on the Word of God? Is he going to get filled with the Holy Spirit and give the devil no more access to him? Or will he be like the scripture says: “…empty, swept, and garnished”(Matt. 12:44)? If a person is delivered from an evil spirit and isn’t taught the Word of God, evil spirits can enter back into him.

Also, you can’t cast an evil spirit out of someone who doesn’t want to be delivered. If a person wants to keep an evil spirit, he can. You won’t be able to go against someone else’s will and get him delivered if he wants to keep an evil spirit. That’s why you don’t just indiscriminately try to cast devils out of people.

If a person really has a demon, you would do him an injustice to cast the demon out of him unless you teach him to get filled with the Word and the Holy Spirit. It’s the Word dwelling in him that will enable him to resist Satan’s attacks. If he doesn’t get himself filled up with the Word and the Holy Spirit. It’s the Word dwelling in him that will enable him to resist Satan’s attacks. If he doesn’t get himself filled up with the Word and if he isn’t taught how not to give place to the devil, the Bible says he can end up worse than he was before (Matt. 12:43-45)

So I told this retired professor, “If you give me permission, I can exercise my authority over these three evil spirits for you. But as soon as you leave here, you’ll have to take a stand against the devil for yourself.

You see there’s no use casting evil spirits out of you and getting you delivered unless you are going to do something about this situation yourself. Otherwise, the devil will come back and find your house empty, and you’ll end up worse off than you were before,” and I showed him Matthew 12:43-45

I told him, “in this scripture it says the man’s house was clean,- swept and garnished-but it was empty. It hadn’t been filled with anything.”

What do you fill a house with after it’s been cleaned? The Word first, and prayer second. Never put prayer before the Word. And prayer must always be in line with the Word of God.

2 Peter 1: 4

  1. Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.

God’s Word, His exceeding great and precious promises, are given to us so we can escape the corruption of worldly lust. One way we partake of the divine nature is by feeding on God’s Word.

I told this retired professor, “I’m not going to do a thing for you-I’m not even going to pray for you unless you promise me you will do three things.”

He said, “I’ll do whatever you say.”

I said, “First, burn those books. Second, don’t ever read books like that again because that’s how you let the devil in. you opened your mind to evil spirits. Third, read the Word of God and pray in other tongues every day. Keep full of the Word and full of the Holy Spirit.”

A person can get saved, but if he’s not going to walk with God, read the Bible, go to church, and fellowship with other Christians, he’ll never amount to anything spiritually. He’ll always be open to the attacks of the devil, and he’ll backslide. It’s what a person does after he’s saved and filled with the Holy Spirit that determines how successfully he can stand against the devil.

I taught this man how to keep from giving the devil access to him. Then I cast those evil spirits out of him. I never even got out of my chair. I just pointed my finger toward him and said very calmly, “ I command all three of you evil spirits to come out of the man in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

In the spirit realm through the discerning of spirits, I saw those three spirits leave, just like birds flying away. It is not necessary to see anything in order to effectively deal with evil spirits. The man didn’t see anything, nor did his wife or my wife. But I was seeing into the realm of the spirit because the gift of discerning of spirits was in operation. However, in the natural there was no physical manifestation in the man whatsoever.

About a year later, this man and his wife came to one of our meetings. They were back together, smiling and holding hands. He told me, “Brother Hagin, I haven’t had a bit of trouble, praise God! I did just what you said to do. I burned every single one of those books. I’ve stayed in the Word and prayed in tongues every day, and I’ve never had another bit of trouble or even been tempted in that area. It’s all gone.”

  • Deliverance From Evil Spirits, Francis MacNutt, pg 281-282.

My very first case of deliverance took place on the 7th of March, 1976. It happened during a prayer meeting held in Bombay where between two hundred and three hundred people were present and we were on our break time. Suddenly we heard a shout and screaming, and we all went over to see what was happening. I saw there a young girl on a chair who was screeching and flinging her arms all about. I asked someone what was happening and was told that she was possessed. It was the first time I had ever met such a person, said to be possessed.

Something inside of me inspired me to say, “I command you in the name of Jesus to leave her.” At that very moment she stopped doing all those things; her eyes opened and she gave me a beautiful smile. I absolutely didn’t know what I was doing! Later she told me how for ten years she had been afflicted by evil spirits and that she had been going to a Muslim shrine, but now she felt freed.

In the two years since that time I have prayed for between four hundred and five hundred cases of deliverance. About one third of these were deliverances from so-called Hindu gods and goddesses.

I have been led to believe from my experiences that many of these gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology are nothing other than demons. The reason I think this is that in a third of the cases, when we asked the demons to identify themselves, they gave their names as Hindu gods or goddesses. On one occasion a woman even gave me the name of Krishna, which was a shock to me. (I’m not saying that Krishna is a demon; I’m just saying that in this one woman who was brought before the cross the spirit identified itself as Krishna.)

There are certain gods and goddesses who turn up frequently in these cases of deliverance. One in particular is a god called Andarvar. He’s a god who, according to popular belief, is a very evil spirit who possesses women; he’s very lustful and wants to rape women. These afflicted women actually experience this god coming during the night time and raping them. They all say it’s not a dream. They say it was as if they were awake. Speaking to their husbands, I have been led to believe that what they say may be true.

Another thing I would like to share with you is that many people get possessed on the festival days of these gods and goddesses. My own cousin was an officer in the army many, many years ago. He went out on a Hindu festival day, and when he came back he fell sick with a fever – the doctors could not diagnose it – and within a week’s time he died. Another cousin also died in the same mysterious circumstances. (My mother used to warn us when we were small never to go out of the house on the day of Hindu festivals.) I’ve also found that in many cases of possession, the attacks of the evil spirit become far more intense on festival days.

How do you know if someone has a demon?

  • There are 3 ways:

    1. The person is aware of the spirits

    1. You observe symptoms of demonisation

Physical symptoms

  • Bodily contortions – rigid, catatonic states, arching back, twitching, slithering like a snake, barking or acting like an animal.

  • Voice – tone (masculine or different), content (plural), speaking a language the person doesn’t know.

  • Face – eyes (proud, mocking, hateful, lustful) (rolling eyes) grimaces, sneers, foaming mouth.

  • Other – unpleasant smells (sulphurous), cold, blackouts.

Other symptoms

  • Strong delusions e.g. Christ or Anti-Christ complex, other delusions of grandeur.

  • Insanity – many mental and nervous disorders.

  • Excessive phobias and fears.

  • Hatred of God, Jesus, the Cross, Bible, Christians.

  • Compulsive behaviour.

  • Uncontrollable rage or passions.

  • Supernatural strength (not adrenalin).

  • Suicidal.

  • Blasphemous thoughts or words

  • Blockages to prayer.

  • Drug taking esp. connected with “spirituality.”

  • Obsession with fantasy, esp. dark side.

  • Aliens/UFO’s/extra-terrestrials – don’t believe they exist – are either angels or demons. Mostly are demonic. If had alien experience I would be very suspicious!

  • Sex with invisible beings – spirits of incubus and succubus.

    1. Gifts of the spirit.

  • Discerning of spirits or word of knowledge.

  1. Presence of spirit.

  2. Identity of spirit.

  • Deliverance Form Evil Spirits, Francis MacNutt, pg 82.

When St. Catherine of Siena visited the papal court in Avignon, France, she was overwhelmed by the stench she found there, and attributed the odour to sin and demons rather than to natural causes.

Who can pray for deliverance?

  • All believers can pray for deliverance. This is not an elite, closed ministry (Mk 16:17).

  • In particularly difficult cases a more experienced person should pray e.g. in the case of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) & Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

How do you get rid of demons?

  • Deliver individual when find demonic doorways and close them through repentance and forgiveness in Name of Jesus and then evict demonic spirit.

  • Find this out through 1) spiritual gifts 2) interview or 3) manifestation.

  • If there is a manifestation decide what to do: 1) pray for deliverance there and then 2) take them aside and pray for deliverance 3) meet later for deliverance or to refer them.

  • If you do pray for deliverance when someone is manifesting: calm them down or hold them down.

  • There are 3 stages to deliverance:

  1. Pre-deliverance.

  2. Deliverance.

  3. Post-deliverance.

Pre-deliverance preparation

  • If happens spontaneously in meeting may be no time, but if it is through counselling:

General Preparation

  • Be born-again and preferably Spirit-filled – only born-again believers have the authority to cast out demons (Acts 19:13-16).

  • Know your authority – this is accepted by faith and the key issue in casting out demons.

  • Power (anointing) vs. authority – anointing may get demon to manifest, but it is authority that expels the demon. That’s why legal ground must be dealt with so you have authority to drive out evil spirit.

  • Holy life – you cannot be in habitual sin and not submitted to the Lordship of Christ. Your sins may be exposed in the deliverance session and bring attack in your own life.

  • Who should pray? – you may not be the right person (time, place, circumstances, leading of the Spirit). There are times to say no.

  • Place & time – quiet, safe place and preferably at reasonable time when not tired.

  • Prayer & fasting (Mk 9:29) – heightens discernment and clears communication channels to God.

  • Have a team or partner – strength, encouragement, wisdom, and accountability.

  • The person’s will must be involved – if they don’t want to give up the demons or repent and forgive they cannot be set free.

  • Praying for children – parents are the best people to pray for their children. Their will not as important because parents are their authority. It is advised that it is done while they are sleeping so as not to frighten them, or else that they explain what they are doing so the child is not anxious or fearful.

Specific preparation

Interview & questionnaire

  • Formal or informal.

  • Openness & honesty very important.

  • 1) When did this problem start? 2) why did this problem start?

  • Questionnaire/checklist – helps be thorough.

The deliverance meeting

  • There are 3 key issues:

  1. Repent & forgive – this closes doors and removes the demons legal rights.

  2. Renounce – this takes back commitments and allegiance made to the demonic realm and gives it back to God.

  3. Rebuke – this is actually casting out the demons or breaking their hold.

  • Prayer of protection and authority.

  • Tell people what to expect.

  • Bold, firm and authoritative with demon.

  • Gentle, kind and compassionate with person.

  • Speak in a calm voice – you don’t need to shout!

  • Look the person in the eye. Keep your eyes open and tell them to keep their eyes open.

  • If necessary forbid temporary possession.

  • Lay hands on the person (debatable?).

  • Deal with blocking spirits e.g. mocking, threatening, lying, confusion, sleepiness, game-playing.

The deliverance prayer

  • The prayer for deliverance:

In the name of Jesus Christ I command you spirit of ____ to depart quietly and without doing harm and never to return.”

  • Authority – the Name of Jesus.

  • The command – it is not a request or plea.

  • To whom – command directed to specific evil spirit – not to God asking Him to do it.

  • What – to leave immediately.

  • How – quietly without hurting or disrupting.

How do you know if demons have left?

  • The gift of discernment – by the spirit you see them leave or supernaturally know it is dealt with.

  • The victim’s discernment – they sense that it is gone.

  • Human observation:

  • Coughing stops.

  • Screaming stops.

  • Pain leaves.

  • Look of peace, rest or joy replaces anxiety, distress etc.

Demon manifestations

  • Spirit = breath – demons often come out through breath – through mouth or nose.

  • Here are some types of demonic manifestations found when demons are expelled:

  • Coughing (seems to be the most common)

  • Drooling

  • Sighing

  • Yawning

  • Exhaling

  • Belching

  • Crying

  • Spitting

  • Vomiting

  • Foaming

  • Roaring

  • Screaming

Hindrances to deliverance

  • If there is a problem it is generally either:

  • The person is not willing to be free.

  • The legal ground has not been removed – so the demon has a right to be there. This must be removed through either repentance or forgiveness.

Post-deliverance – What do you do after deliverance?

  • Thank the Lord together.

  • Born-again and filled with Spirit.

  • Connected to a Bible believing, Spirit-filled church – S.S. and cell.

  • Discipled by other Christian friends.

  • In the Word – reading their Bible daily.

  • Praying daily.

  • At least one follow-up meeting.

  • Scan yourself and ask for cleansing.

  • Give the glory to God.

  • Learn lessons from your experience.

Breaking Curses


Gal 3:13-14

Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written: Cursed is everyone who is hung on a tree.” 14 He redeemed us in order that the blessing given to Abraham might come to the Gentiles through Christ Jesus, so that by faith we might receive the promise of the Spirit.

Isa 10:27 (NKJ)

It shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing oil.

  • The anointing is the burden removing, yoke destroying power of God! The anointing and the authority of the Name of Jesus will be used to destroy curses!

  • Although church has abandoned teaching on blessing and curses in modern world, there are many reasons to teach on it:

  • Important theme in Old and New Testament – blessing mentioned 410x & cursing 320x.

  • The OT promises curses for disobeying God’s commands e.g. Deut 27 & 28, Lev 10.

  • Jesus came to earth to reverse the curse and transform it into blessing (Gal 3:13, Rev 22:3).

  • Most pagan religions revolve around the issue of blessing and cursing.

  • Francis MacNutt, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 103.

The power of evil spirits invoked by cursing is a primary component of most native religions. The ability of witch doctors to impose curses, hexes and spells, and to lift them off, gives them power and respect based on fear. When Christians do not understand their own religion, they are at a disadvantage in trying to convert pagans, who may better understand the reality of spiritual warfare.

  • Many people are suffering under the power of a curse.

  • Story of cursed Anglican priest and spiritista, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 97-100.

Hardly a week has gone by in recent years that I have not had to pray for someone affected by a curse, exchanging that curse for a blessing.

The following is a present-day example. It took place in England in 1990 when I was speaking in a church filled with six hundred people. After my talk that evening on how to pray for physical healing, I asked if anyone would like the whole church to pray for healing from the kind of sickness that we could tell on the spot had been healed. My purpose was to encourage te people

  • Story of dancing women, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 282-283, 286.

Q: Can you share something about the dancing god that was inhabiting the young woman whom you showed us stretched out in a dancing posture during last week’s conference?

A: Yes. We had at least five cases of possession by Hindu gods and goddesses during the last three days of the national convention, and I made it a point to ask the members of your team to come and gather firsthand knowledge of what takes place in these cases. You will remember what she looked like: The girl was taking on the poses of the Hindu god who is called Lataranjan- the dancing god. (This dancing god is an aspect of the god Shiva)

  1. In Hindu mythology Krishna is one of the three main deities and is a benevolent being, very different from Kali, who is malevolent.

  2. In Western literature we find such sexual demons, too. Those who take the male sexual role are incubi, from the Latin meaning “the one who lies on top” hile their female counterparts are the succubi, from the Latin meanin “the one who lies underneath.”

What is really remarkable is that this girl knows nothing about Indian dancing. She is actually in many ways alien to Indian culture because she was brought up in a Western culture home. Yet here she was, taking the absolutely correct dancing poses in her fingers, her wrists, her hands and her feet- the exact poses of this very god. … Even her face-her eyes and mouth-were all changed into the features of this Hindu god.

After commanding the spirit to identify itself, I found that it got into her because of a spell cast by a Hindu doctor(who perhaps had lustful motives when he was treating her). Probably he called upon his favourite god, who happened to be Lataranjan, to possess her so that he could gain power over her.

Another fascinating case came to light during the second day of our healing seminar when a college girl told me that when she was a young girl, she went to a Hindu temple and there observed the image of a god with six hands-it’s called Mahakali. It is the most terrible goddess in Hindu mythology, a goddess who is bloodthirsty and wants to kill. Hindus try to pacify this goddess buy frequently offering human sacrifices, even in our won day.

Q: Is she the same as Kali, the one who appears in some of our movies that are set in India?

A: Yes, Kali. They call her Mahakali out of respect; it means “great Kali.” Tens of thousands of people have been sacrificed in the past two hundred years to propitiate her. This girl told me she went to the temple and saw this goddess there. Then one night during these days of conference she had a dream-she was half awake-and saw this goddess coming toward her. She described her as a huge, fat, ugly woman with big eyes and six hands coming to throttle her.

When we prayed for deliverance she started to suffocate and was tormented in her throat. Finally she could not speak at all; she became dumb. After prayer she was able to speak again, but the irritation in her throat remained. On the last day of the healing seminar, when she came forward and was anointed with the oil that you blessed, the irritation in her throat left immediately. She also felt, when the oil was applied to her forehead, a great sense of peace…

She told me that she now realizes she was afflicted because her grandfather-he’s supposed to be a Catholic-used to do this work of exorcism in his spare time through the power of a god called Hanuman. He’s the monkey god, very popular in India. He would free a person through Hanuman’s help and then transfer the spell somewhere else. He wou say to the spirit, “Now go on the road, and let the first person who come your way come under your spell.” She was telling me that her grandfather had hurt many people that way, and that’s why all this backlash has come into her whole family. She further told me that her father has been getting up every night during the past month screaming that someone was choking him. Anyone who stays overnight at their home also feels someone choking them.

  1. Non-Christian healers and exorcists do effect healings and exorcisms. But if they do this trough the power of spirits other than the Holy Spirit, the last state of the person may prove worse than the first…

Q: Do you deal a lot with people having spells cast on them? How do you break those?

A: Like the rest of my ministry, I walked into this by accident. I stumbled into it; I had not read any books or heard about it before. I found that just by praying, things started to happen. I would simply pray in this way: “In the name of Jesus I break the spell that has been cast upon you and every member of your family.” And then I’d begin praying in tongues and things would happen. I’ve not come across a single case where a spell was not broken, sometimes instantaneously. Sometimes every member of the family, wherever they were, even in the countryside, would report later that at the very moment we prayed, they felt something happen.

  • Our domestic worker in Zambia, White.

What are curses?

  • Curse = A magical word or phrase spoken with the aim of punishing, injuring or destroying. A cause of evil, harm or destruction (Oxford Dictionary). Curse = A prayer or invocation for harm or injury to come upon someone (Webster’s Dictionary). = To invoke or wish evil or harm upon; to vex or torment (Chambers Dictionary).

  • Spell = words which when spoken are thought to have magical power. A spell may not always be negative in its connotation e.g. casting a spell on someone to make them fall in love with you, or to pass your exams.

  • Bless = to give health, happiness or success. (Ox ford Advanced Learners Dictionary). To empower to prosper.

  • A curse is like a wall that acts like a magnet. It:

  1. Repels blessing – blocks blessing.

  2. Attracts demonic – disasters target person/family.

  • A curse is the opposite of God’s blessing. It is when God removes His hand of protection over a person, a family or a nation and allows the natural course of events to take place which simultaneously allows demonic forces to go to work at that situation because Satan is the god of this world, (2 Cor 4:4).

  • Individual can be cursed.

  • Family can be cursed.

  • Generations can be cursed.

  • Cities can be cursed.

  • Nations can be cursed.

  • Land can be cursed.

How do you know if a curse is at work?

  • The same ways you find out if someone has a demon:

  1. The person is aware of the curse

  1. There are symptoms of cursing

  • Many of these or any severely may indicate a curse:

  1. Chronic financial problems – can never find a job, can’t hold one down, money seems to disappear.

  2. Chronic or repeated sickness and disease – especially if hereditary, or doctors can find no cause.

  3. Barrenness and a tendency to miscarry and pregnancy problems.

  4. Accident prone.

  5. Marital and family problems.

  6. Unnatural (e.g. suicide), premature, or untimely death. – especially if hereditary.

  7. Mental or emotional breakdown or illness – e.g. depression, insanity. Jim Laffoon’s testimony.

  8. Mistreatment and abuse wherever you go – no favour or mercy.

  9. Wandering, vagabond, nomadic, no rest or roots – house to house, city to city, job to job, relationship to relationship.

  • Words like uncanny, foreboding, fate, and nemesis may describe a curse.

  • Statements that may indicate a curse at work:

  • “I seem to take one step forward and two steps back.”

  • “Nothing ever seems to work out for me.”

  • “I can never get ahead.”

  • “I knew something bad would happen.”

  • “This always seems to happen to me.”

  • “It happened to my parents and now it’s happening to me.”

  • “I always seem to have bad luck.”

  • “I seemed destined to a life of failure/pain/ heartache.”

  • “Everything I touch fails.”

  • “No matter where I go bad things happen to me.”

  • “If an accident happens, it will happen to me.”

  • “It feels like a dark cloud follows me around wherever I go.”

  • “It seems fate is against me.”

  • “I seem destined to be a loser.”

  • E.g. Kennedy curse.

  1. Gifts of the Spirit

  • Either discerning of spirits or word of knowledge.

  • E.g. Gavin and accidents discerned and broken by Val MacLelland.

How does someone get cursed?

Prov 26:2

Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not come to rest.

  • Curse only settles on you for a reason – we need to find out why the curse has settled on your life and then pull it out by the roots.

  • There are three ways we can get cursed:

  1. Generational curses.

  2. Someone places a curse on us.

  3. Curses come on us through our own sin.

1. Generational curses

  • Generational/ancestral/bloodline curses – we are innocent but suffer from our ancestors curses.

  • Three main cause of generational curses:

  1. Family involved in the occult, especially if there were witches or wizards in the family tree.

  2. If the family itself has been cursed by someone else.

  3. If the family has been deeply involved in sinful activity (iniquity).

  • Iniquities are passed down the generations and these may be infested with curses and demons.

  • There is a difference between sin, transgression and iniquity:

Sin = to miss the mark; deviating form God’s will.

Transgression = wilful, deliberate, rebellious sin.

Iniquity = bent, crooked, twisted, warped, and perverse. Not merely an act of transgression, but an inward disposition and bentness towards sin. Iniquities are deliberate, wilful, habitual, repeated sins. These are not superficial, but deep seated sins which are patterns and strongholds of sin in our lives. They become our natural tendencies, second nature and driving forces to us.

  • Demonic spirits may inhabit this twistedness and strongholds of sin. E.g. alcoholism, fits of rage, lust, fear, depression.

  • These iniquities may then be passed on to our children to the 3rd and 4th generation or even the 10th generation. Iniquities are like spiritual/soulish genetic weaknesses.

  • They may enter at the point of conception, in utero, birth, puberty, death of parent or other time.

Exod 20:5-6 (see also Exod 34:6-7, Deut 5:9)

You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin [iniquity] of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand [generations] of those who love me and keep my commandments.

Deut 23:2 (NKJ)

One of illegitimate birth shall not enter the congregation of the LORD; even to the tenth generation none of his descendants shall enter the congregation of the LORD.

  • Two Biblical examples of iniquity being passed down the bloodline are Abraham and David:

Abraham’s family – iniquity of deception/lying

  • Abraham lies that Sara is his sister (Gen 12:10-13).

  • Abraham lies again in the same way (Gen 20:1-5).

  • Isaac, his son tells the same lie ears later (Gen 26:6-7).

  • Jacob, his son, deceives his father and steals his brother’s blessing (Gen 27:30-36).

  • Isaac’s wife Rebekah also joins in the deception.

  • Jacob’s uncle Laban, and Rebekah’s brother, deceives him about marrying Rachel (Gen 29:18-25).

  • Simeon and Levi, two of Jacob’s sons, deceive the Shecemites (Gen 34:13-17).

  • The sons of Jacob deceive their father into believing that Joseph had been killed (Gen 37:31-33).

David’s family – iniquity of lust & murder

  • Judah, born ten generations before David, has a problem with lust and sexual immorality (Gen 38).

  • David then commits adultery with Bathsheba and has her husband Uriah executed (2 Sam 11:1-5, 14-17).

  • Nathan the prophet announces that a curse will come upon David’s family – sexual immorality and the sword as well as the illegitimate child conceived with Bathsheba dying (2 Sam 12:10-14).

  • David’s son Amnon then rapes his half sister Tamar (2 Sam 13:1-15).

  • Davis’s son Absalom then murders Amnon (2 Sam 13:32-33).

  • Absalom then causes a civil war in the kingdom, causing many to die by the sword, ultimately including himself (2 Sam 15-18).

  • Absalom then publicly has sexual intercourse with all of David’s concubines (2 Sam 16:20-23).

  • Solomon, David’s son, then has a major problem with lust and has 700 wives and 300 concubines (1 Kings 11:1-4).

  • Story of Judith MacNutt, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 110-111.

Judith has had a personal experience in relation to her ancestry that has touched her profoundly. Her dad is a nearly full-blooded Cherokee. Descended from those ancestors who fled to the mountains 150 years ago, escaping the tragic Trail of Tears that forced most of the Cherokees to march to Oklahoma. She is proud of that inheritance yet had a disturbing experience twenty years ago.

At that time she was a missionary in Jerusalem lying in Jerusalem lying in bed with a mysterious fever that did not respond to medical treatment. Into her room marched a missionary she scarcely knew, who was unacquainted with her Cherokee ancestry through any natural means. Nevertheless, she proceeded to ask Judith if she was of Cherokee descent, and when Judith confirmed that she was, this missionary said the Lord had told her that Judith needed to have her bloodlines cleansed of some effect of witchcraft. When Judith gave her permission to pray, this woman uttered a powerful prayer of deliverance. Immediately Judith’s fever disappeared.

  • Jim Laffoon had to break curse of depression that was passed down the bloodline.

  • Story of Jonathan Edwards & Max Jukes, Evicting Demonic Intruders, pg 113.

Max Jukes was an atheist who married a godless woman. Some five hundred and sixty descendants were traced. Of these:

310 died as paupers

150 became criminals, 7 of them murderers.

100 were known to be drunkards.

More than half the women were prostitutes

In all, the descendants cost the Us government one and quarter million 19th c century dollars’

Jonathan Edwards was a contemporary of Max Jukes. He was a committed Christian who married a godly young lady. Some 1394 descendants were traced. Of these:

295 graduated from college, from whom 13 became college presidents, and 65 became professors.

3 were elected as United States senators, 3 as State governors, and others sent as ministers to foreign countries.

30 were judges.

100 were lawyers, one the dean of an outstanding law school.

56 practised as physicians, one was dean of a medical school.

75 became officers in the army and navy.

100 were well known missionaries, preachers, and prominent authors.

Another 80 held some form of public office, of whom 3 were mayors of large cities.

One was the comptroller of the US Treasury, another a vice-president of the United States.

Not one of the descendants of the Edwards family was a liability to the government.’

2. Someone places a curse on you

  • Placing curses on people is far more common than we would readily admit coming from a rationalistic, naturalistic worldview. In most pagan religions it is very normal.

  • Satanists and occultists are the most obvious examples of deliberately cursing others. Satanic covens target churches and especially church leaders by:

  1. Creating division in churches.

  2. Dividing marriages through lust and adultery – in addition to sending these curses they may actually send a member of the coven to stir up division or seduce the pastor or his wife.

  • Satanic curses may cause: heaviness, depression, despair, suicide, illness, anger, resentment, obsessive thoughts, sexual temptation etc.

  • Witches often pray, fast and make sacrifices to curse (esp. pastors and their families).Blood empowers cursing.

  • Many people go and see witches and pay them to curse others – to invoking demonic power to negatively affect or destroy – the curse is more powerful if done by a witch, or if accompanied by sacrifice, voodoo, or black magic.

  • People can be cursed by a curse coming back to them.

Ps 109:17-20

He loved to pronounce a curse– may it come on him; he found no pleasure in blessing– may it be far from him. 18 He wore cursing as his garment; it entered into his body like water, into his bones like oil. 19 May it be like a cloak wrapped about him, like a belt tied forever around him. 20 May this be the LORD’s payment to my accusers, to those who speak evil of me.

  • Word curses (more of this in next section).

  • Story of lewd sea captain, Seductions Exposed, pg 104-105.

A Christian man living in a nearby community called Rev. Phillips at 3 a.m. one morning. He was desperate. His wife was leaving him and was at that moment packing her bags to go. She claimed that she no longer loved him. As Rev. Phillips prayed about the situation, the Holy Spirit showed him through a vision. Or word of knowledge in picture form, that a cantankerous, old sea captain living at the end of their street was releasing a spell of witchcraft on that man’s wife to manipulate her. The old man was over 75 years old, had a filthy tongue, and was a heavy drinker. He was constantly leering at the man’s wife whenever she was outside her house. Rev. Phillips saw that, out of the dark side of his nature, the old captain was releasing his perverted, lustful desires for the wife through foul words together with the aid of evil spirits.

Rev. Phillips explained what he was seeing to the panic-stricken husband. He asked him if there was indeed a sea captain living on his block. Amazed, the husband acknowledged that it was true. Rev. Phillips then explained how the old sea captain was using witchcraft to manipulate his wife to leave him. He began praying to bind the spell against the woman. Ass he broke the power manipulation over her with the name and blood of Jesus, the man suddenly said, “Wait, my wife is unpacking. She’s smiling and she just called me “Honey.” Something’s happened; whatever you’re doing, keep it up ‘cause it’s working!”

The next Sunday the couple came to church acting like radiant newlyweds, holding hands, and kissing one another. Everything went well for several months until they shared their story with another minister from a different, more conservative church. He told them they were being foolish, that there was no such thing as witchcraft in the lives of Christians, and that Rev. Phillips and The Lord’s Church were in spiritual error. He even convinced them to leave The Lord’s Church. They left the church feeling they had been deceived into believing that one person could influence another. However, one night several months later, Rev. Phillips received another call. It was the same distraught husband informing him that his wife had just left him… believe it or not for the old sea captain.

  • Story of John G. Lake in Africa and the two village chiefs.

  • Superstitions – Friday 13th, Full moon, Halloween – often satanic days.

3. Curses that come on us through our own sin

  • People sometimes unknowingly call curses down on themselves – they do this by sinning or involvement in the occult.

  • Can be invoking ‘blessing’ of demons through ancestors, spirits, wicker etc but always results in a curse.

  • All sin results in a curse. Certain sins that are particularly severe will bring on a more severe curse. Examples of sin that brings with it a curse:

  • Not honouring the Lord by disobedience and not keeping covenant.

  • Worshipping other gods – e.g. Satanism & occultism, false religions, cults.

  • Sexual sin- e.g. fornication, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, bestiality (story of animal like children, Kingdom Living For the Family, Frank & Ida Mae Hammond).

One day I was asked by a pastor with whom I was ministering to go with him to a certain home where he said an unusual demonization was being manifested. There, I witnessed the most bizarre manifestations of a curse I had ever encountered. There were three adolescent children in that family, and all three of them were like animals in behaviour. None of us could get near these children; they acted like frightened animals. They would leap about the room and across the furniture with the agility of monkeys. They would not use a bathroom, and the house reeked of the odours of urine and excrement. They were running in and out of the house the entire time we were there. I looked into the back yard and there was a children’s swing-set upon which they would do their acrobatics, and they drank from a plastic wading pool by lapping water into their mouths with their hands. None of them could talk, but could only make squealing noises. What a pathetic sight! What could have caused such a condition in these children?

The father of the children was not there, but I was ale to talk with the mother. I asked her if there has been any bestiality in the family. She shared with me that her husband was obsessed with bestiality and continued to practice it regularly. He had even persuaded his wife to lie carnally with dogs while he watched. These poor children were suffering in their bodies and lives the curse of their parent’s sins.

  • Blood-guiltiness – e.g. murder, abortion.

  • Dishonouring parents (Mal 4:6).

  • Touching the Lord’s anointed – rebelling against or slandering God’s leaders.

  • Rejecting the Lord’s Spirit and prophets (messengers).

  • Not tithing & offering (Mal 3:9)

  • Not doing the Lord’s work (Jer 48:10, Judg 5:23).

  • Violating covenants and contracts – e.g. divorce, violating business contracts, treaties etc.

  • Illegitimacy (Deut 23:1).

  • Oppression and injustice.

  • Trusting in your own strength – e.g. legalism, religion.

How are curses broken?

  • Repent of and renounce sin and the occult if necessary.

  • To break it one just as has to rebuke / break it in the Name of Jesus.

”In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I take authority over this curse and break it right now. Lord, I ask that your blessing would flow into this area now in the Name of Jesus.”

  • Get rid of any cursed objects or objects that invite the work of evil spirits (more about this later).

  • Prayer of protection:

“Lord Jesus, I ask you to protect our family (mention by name) from sickness, from all harm and from accidents. If any of us has been subjected to any curses, hexes, or spells, I declare these hexes, curses, or spells null and void in the Name of Jesus Christ. If any evil spirits have been sent against us, I decommission you in the Name of Jesus Christ and I send you to Jesus to deal with as He will. Then, Lord, I ask you to send your holy angels to guard and protect all of us.” (Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 115)

  • After praying don’t worry about demonic attack or curses unless something specific comes up.

Deut 23:4-5

For they did not come to meet you with bread and water on your way when you came out of Egypt, and they hired Balaam son of Beor from Pethor in Aram Naharaim to pronounce a curse on you. 5 However, the LORD your God would not listen to Balaam but turned the curse into a blessing for you, because the LORD your God loves you.

Ps 109:28

They may curse, but you will bless.

Gen 12:3

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.

Haunted Houses, Cursed Objects, & Other Bondages


Haunted or cursed places

  • Lester Sumrall and haunted house, Alien Entities, pg 42-44.

I went into France after World War II, Many people there told me that there were certain areas in which the sound of the tramping of military feet could still be heard at night. You could hear the beating of drums, the firing of cannons, the groaning and crying of the dead. Demons inhabit such places of tragedy.

Once I was staying in the home of a fine Christian gentleman in Denver, Colorado. It was a large house, and the guest room in which 1 slept was in a back portion of the house, away from the area where the man and his wife were sleeping.

One night about 2:00 a.m. I was awakened. Therein the door I could see the silhouette of a woman. The room was dark, but I could plainly see her standing there. I could distinguish her features. She was fair of face, a Scandinavian type, with long blond hair and blue eyes. She was dressed in nightclothes and was carrying a pistol in her hand.

I immediately knew what it was I was seeing, and what had caused it to appear. Someone had been killed in that room at some time in the past. The next morning I confronted the owner of the house. “Sir,” I said, “Someone was killed in this house.”


“Oh, yes. Someone was killed in this house. I’m further telling you that you have had problems here.”

We looked at each other. I said, “Go talk to some of the neighbors who have lived here a long time. Ask them what happened. I’m telling you, a woman died in this house.”

The man went to the neighbors and asked them, “I just bought this big beautiful home a few months ago. Who lived there before me?”

The neighbors answered, “A Swedish doctor.”

“Why did he move away?”

“His wife shot herself in the back room and she died.”

That was the same room in which I had been sleeping. The man came back to the house, amazed.

When he asked, “How did you know that?” I replied, “I saw her there,”

“What did she want?” he asked.

“The spirit of suicide is in this house.”

Then the man broke down and told me the truth.

He said, “The first time in my life that I ever thought of committing suicide was in this house, I had been told by that spirit four or five times that the best way out of this was to take my life.”

Alien entities can live in places of tragedy. A friend of mine in England had three daughters. He moved into another house, and one of the daughters lived in a certain room there. She hated it. She begged her father to let her move out of the room. She

said, “Father, please let me move out of this room. I’m going to die here.”

The father laughed at her, but she died. He put another one of his daughters in the room. After a few nights, she too pleaded with him, “Let me out of this room. Father, Please let me out of this room.” But he was a hardheaded man. He refused. And she died.

Then the man came to Howard Carter and asked, “What in the world am I going to do?” Brother Carter answered, “Well, seeing as you have no power to do anything, you had better move out of the place. You only have one daughter left.”

No doubt, a terrible tragedy had taken place in that room. The spirit of tragedy was dwelling there, and it destroyed those two lives. Spirits can live in evil places, places where there has been crime committed. All kinds of entities are in jails, prisons and such places. Oppressive powers are in those places where terrible atrocities have been committed. The people who came to these places with those spirits left them there. If you live in a house that seems unusual or oppressive, either rebuke the spirit in Jesus’ name, or sell the house and move out.

  • Our house – couldn’t sleep – prayed – could sleep.

  • Places particularly need to be cleansed if:

  1. They have been targeted by curses or are places of worship for satanic groups.

  2. If crimes, serious sins (e.g. atrocities or massacres), or wars have been occurred there.

  3. People infested by demons have lived or spent time visiting there.

  • How do you cleanse places?

  1. Repent of sin if necessary.

  2. Command all spirits to leave the house and never come back in the Name of Jesus.

  3. Invite the presence of Jesus, His angels and the blessing of the Lord to rest on the house. You may anoint with oil.

Cursed objects

  • The Bible is clear that there are objects that are cursed: Ex 20:4-5, Num 33:52-58, Deut 4:15-19, 7:25-26, Josh 6:18, 7:11-12, Acts 19:19-20, 1 Cor 10:19-21.

Exod 20:4-5

“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God,

Num 33:51-56

‘When you cross the Jordan into Canaan, 52 drive out all the inhabitants of the land before you. Destroy all their carved images and their cast idols, and demolish all their high places… 55 “‘But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, those you allow to remain will become barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will give you trouble in the land where you will live. 56 And then I will do to you what I plan to do to them.'”

Deut 4:15-19

You saw no form of any kind the day the LORD spoke to you at Horeb out of the fire. Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, 16 so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman, 17 or like any animal on earth or any bird that flies in the air, 18 or like any creature that moves along the ground or any fish in the waters below. 19 And when you look up to the sky and see the sun, the moon and the stars– all the heavenly array– do not be enticed into bowing down to them and worshiping things the LORD your God has apportioned to all the nations under heaven.

Deut 7:25-26 (NKJ)

You shall burn the carved images of their gods with fire; you shall not covet the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it for yourselves, lest you be snared by it; for it is an abomination to the LORD your God. 26 “Nor shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be doomed to destruction like it. You shall utterly detest it and utterly abhor it, for it is an accursed thing.

Josh 6:18 (NKJ)

“And you, by all means abstain from the accursed things, lest you become accursed when you take of the accursed things, and make the camp of Israel a curse, and trouble it.

Josh 7:11-12 (NKJ)

“Israel has sinned, and they have also transgressed My covenant which I commanded them. For they have even taken some of the accursed things, and have both stolen and deceived; and they have also put it among their own stuff. 12 Therefore the children of Israel could not stand before their enemies, but turned their backs before their enemies, because they have become doomed to destruction. Neither will I be with you anymore, unless you destroy the accursed from among you.

Acts 19:19-20

A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly. When they calculated the value of the scrolls, the total came to fifty thousand drachmas. 20 In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and grew in power.

1 Cor 10:19-21

Do I mean then that a sacrifice offered to an idol is anything, or that an idol is anything? 20 No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons. 21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.

  • We are very clearly commanded to not make any idols, statues, or images of worship.

  • We are not to take into our house any objects that have been dedicated to the worship of false objects – such an object is cursed and abomination to the Lord.

  • To keep such an object is to invite the presence of demons and the judgment of God.

  • Remove the following from your homes, work place, and city (if possible):

  • Supposedly Christian objects of worship – statues or images of Jesus, Mary, the Madonna & child, and saints, venerated relics such as bones, hair, holy grails etc, or any other object that is worshipped.

  • Occultic or pagan statues, art, paintings, magazines, charms, medallions, pendants, rings, mutis, sacred stones, nyami-nyamis, scarab beetles from Egypt etc.

  • New Age objects – crystals, pyramids, unicorns, instruments used in channelling, holistic healing, meditating, yoga, UFO’s, aliens.

  • False religion or cult material – African masks… beware of curios or artefacts bought from pagan countries.

  • Satanic and hard rock covers – pentagrams, coffins, chains, skulls, goats heads, upside down crosses; jewellery, albums, posters, clothing.

  • Occultic games – D&D, magic cards, ouija boards, some video/computer games.

  • Occultic cartoon characters or toys, e.g. pokemons, Harry Potter, Masters of the Universe (only fine if played without magic), etc.

  • Good-luck charms, ankhs, astrological symbols, amulets, talisman, fetishes (objects of obsession or fixation e.g. frogs, owls, scorpions, dragons, spiders, Buddha’s, etc).), crystals (story of Megan feeling heat in choosing crystals).

  • All forms of pornography.

  • Drugs or alcohol (if it’s a problem)

  • Martial arts – karate, Tai Kwan Do, Jujitsu (perhaps it is fine if done purely as exercise and sport?), etc.

  • Nigerian man with ring from juju doctor, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 119.

Sorcery is the use of cursed objects to influence people. I remember praying for deliverance for a man in Nigeria who had gone berserk in a prayer meeting. When we started to pray for him, one of his hands began to shake uncontrollably. When we looked more closely, we found he was wearing a strange ring. He told us a juju doctor had given it to him. We asked him to take it off, and when he did, the shaking stopped.

  • Seductions Exposed, teenage Dracula pg 37.

The headline in the Weekly World News of June 18, 1983, read “Teenage Dracula Bites 30 Children.” According to the amazing article,

Dozens of panic-stricken children shrieked in pain and terror as a real-life Dracula chased them down on the school ground and sank his teeth into their flesh. When the schoolyard horror ended, 30 youngsters, bleeding and hysterical, were rushed to a hospital where they were treated for shock, severe bite wounds and were given anti-infection inoculations. The nightmare attack was carried out by a 14-year-old student that police in Cleveland, England, would identify only as James. They said he went berserk shortly after he had watched a bloody Dracula movie on a local television station. He charged through the schoolyard during morning recess grabbing small children, holding them down and biting into their arms as they writhed in agony. ‘It was just like the movie, it was spooky,’ said one of the boy’s classmates, Angela Simmons, 13, ‘He went wild and started attacking and biting the younger kids.’

Out of the thousands of young people who probably watched that same Dracula movie, why did James “go berserk?” I suspect that he was not raised in a Christian home, under the covering and protection of godly parents, and that he was particularly susceptible to a transference in the area of horror movies because of his particular heredity and personality. The Bible warns us that Satan looks for opportunities to kill, steal and destroy us. 1Peter 5:8sternly cautions,

Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about , seeking whom he may devour.”

  • Seductions Exposed, D&D and occult toys pg 158…159.

Some time ago, I received a letter from a woman who had decided to burn her children’s “Dungeons & Dragons” game after hearing me speak on its occultic nature. In spite of the protest of her children, she threw the game pieces in an incubator. As she did so, horrendous, bloodcurdling screams were heard from the fire. The children were instantly convinced that the game was evil.

Another area where children are being bombarded with the occult is through cartoons, movies, and the toy industry. Many of the cartoons on television and the associated toys in stores everywhere are blatantly occultic while others subtly carry occultic overtones. Magic and witchcraft are portrayed as normal ways to deal with problems and overcome obstacles. In a world where true heroes are few and far between, children easily gravitate to these imaginary heroes with their magical powers. Characters like ET, He-Man, and She-Ra become more real, powerful, and exciting to them than any real-life people or Bible characters. One child I know of was recently overheard shouting, “He-Man is more powerful than Jesus!”

Since all these cartoon and movie characters display great power obtained through occultic rituals, they simply pave the way for children to seek such power in their own lives… often they seek, the diabolical door to demonic oppression is once again opened.

Many of these toys and cartoon characters are simply modern versions of pagan gods that were worshipped in heathen cultures before the advent of Christianity. These ancient pagan gods are merely physical representations of Satan and his demonic forces that were originally worshipped in rites involving human and animal sacrifice.

  • Seductions Exposed, amulet on necklace pg 160.

Because Satan cannot legally touch or afflict Christians, he often tricks them into cursing themselves. Good luck charms, ankhs, astrological symbols, and other jewelry with occultic overtones open up avenues for demonic attack and also hinder deliverance. Pastor David King shared how he prayed for a young woman who was severely oppressed and seemingly could not receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. As he ministered to her, he noticed that she was wearing a particular necklace with an amulet on it. Sensing that it was occultic, he asked her to remove it and placed it in his pocket. As he again prayed for her the oppression left. Almost immediately she was joyously filled with the Holy Spirit and began praising God with new freedom in her heavenly language. When Pastor King arrived home that night, he showed the amulet to his wife, and together they decided to burn it. As they threw it into their fireplace, they both heard a horrible bloodcurdling scream!

  • Seductions Exposed, owl fetish pg 163-164.

I received an interesting letter some time ago from a young couple who had at one time possessed a total of 123 owl objects. In the beginning, although they were very young, they both had good jobs and seemed to be prospering in every way. But the wife became obsessed with owls and soon began filling the home with them. Then things began to go sour. They lost their jobs and their marriage began to disintegrate. The wife even lost her desire to live and began to sleep much of the time. One day a brother of the young man who had heard my message on fetishes, including owls and frogs, told them that they could be cursing themselves with all those owls. At first they laughed at him but the husband soon decided to try an experiment. He removed all the owls from their bedroom without telling his wife. Three days later, he asked her if she had noticed a change in the atmosphere. To her amazement they had not fought for three days and actually had begun to talk to one another. They became convinced that the owls had something to do with the curses upon their marriage and prosperity. After they had removed the owls from their home, god not only restored their marriage, but their prosperity as well.

  • Seductions Exposed, statue of Jesus pg 166…167.

Bob Curry, told me some startling stories that completely convinced me of the dangers of even possessing these statues. Bob shared that he had dinner one night in a home where the lady of the house has a five- foot statue of Jesus. When he was in her home, she admitted that she had been confused by his message about idols and images. She said, “I’m Catholic, but this statue of Jesus bothers me. Is it wrong for me to have this?” Bob opened the scriptures to Exodus and Deuteronomy and shared with her what the Word says about these statues and images. Immediately, she wanted to get rid of the Jesus statue so a team of four young missionaries came to pick it up and curry it out. To their astonishment, they could not lift the small five- foot statue. Bob’s secretary who was a very strong, athletic young man went over and also tried to pick it up with equally poor success. He soon became very ill and asked to be taken to his hotel where he became deathly sick. In prayer, the Lord revealed to Bob that a “Spirit of heaviness” had attached itself to the young man. Later, he was completely delivered as Bob and the others rebuked the demonic forces afflicting him. Interestingly, the lady later called Bob and told him that she had contacted the catholic church, and they had send over two teenage boys who picked up the statue and carried off with ease!

  • Seductions Exposed, jade Buddha and evangelist pg 169-170.

One of my former pastors, Cecil Humphrey, shared about a very popular television evangelist who was in great financial distress, needing over a million dollars to pay for airtime and other expenses. A very influential and wealthy family donated over a million dollars worth of Oriental jewelry to his ministry including a beautiful jade Buddha worth approximately four hundred thousand dollars. The collection was worth enough to pay the evangelist’s creditors, but he was aware of the scriptural commands not to associate with occultic objects. When the evangelist shared with the donor why he could not accept the occultic jewelry, the man said he could not give it to anyone else either and asked the evangelist to help him destroy the objects. They took a sledgehammer and with the first blow disintegrated the Buddha. As they did so, the donor’s wife came running out of their palatial home, wanting to know what they were doing. She said the pain and torment she had been suffering for many years had instantly gone from her body. They left the same moment the Buddha was destroyed. Not only did the oppression and affliction leave the household, but the evangelist later received the needed finances from other sources

  • What to do:

  1. Repent of all occult involvement.

  2. Remove occult objects with owner’s permission and destroy them.

  3. Command every spirit to leave in the Name of Jesus.

  4. Ask the Lord to fill the house. If you like anoint with oil.

Word curses

James 3:8-10

But no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. 9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse men, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers, this should not be.

Mark 11:21

Peter remembered and said to Jesus, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered!”

Prov 18:21

The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.

  • Word curses – words spoken from the heart or out of great anguish can also curse someone. Of themselves these words may have no supernatural power, but demons may latch on to them and empower them.

  • Children are particularly susceptible to judgements of parents, teachers and authority figures.

  • Off the cuff remarks and jokes may have the same effect as more serious comments.

  • These words or judgements may define and destine a person.

  • Examples of word curses are:

  • “You are stupid.”

  • “You will never amount to anything.”

  • “You are ugly.”

  • “You are fat.”

  • “You’re a bad boy!”

  • “There’s something wrong with you.”

  • “You’re too stupid to learn maths.”

  • “You will never amount to much.”

  • “You will always be poor.”

  • “You will always have the same problems as your dad.”

  • “You will die young.”

  • “You are going to turn into a womaniser/alcoholic/reprobate/criminal.”

  • “You will probably get married to the wrong person.”

  • “You are always going to be like this (bad temper/immoral/disorganised).”

  • “Too bad you are a boy/girl.”

  • “You act like a fairy.”

  • “You are such a sissy/pansy.”

  • Story of transvestite Jerry Leach, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 122-123.

Take for example, the history of transvestite Jerry Leach. His mother often said, “I wish you were a girl so you could take over my beauty shop when you grow up.” When Jerry started to try on dresses at age four, even his father encouraged him: “You’re better-looking as a girl.” His dad further confused him by accusing him of being a homosexual. (He was not; he simply wanted to dress like a woman.) Later Jerry married, but his sexual identity was confused; he longed at some deep level of his being to be a woman. His mother’s statements that she would have preferred a daughter acted like a curse: He was trying to please her by becoming a girl.

The good news, of course, is that Jesus can free us from bondages like this. Here is how He freed Jerry:

Charlene (my wife) and I spent some time with Rita Bennett. When Rita prayed with me, I received a special visitation from Christ. During this prayer I was called into manhood (masculinity) as Christ approached me on the front porch of our home when I was three years of age.

I saw the following. Jesus came to me as I was standing there. I had been playing with my neighborhood girlfriend Carol. She was extending her baby doll to me.

I was making the decision that was to affect the rest of my life’s choices.

But the event took a different twist that it did some 47 years past, for Jesus was within the situation, standing beside me. I looked up into His face. Such a calmness and strength about Him! He smiled and said, “Jerry, I have something here for you. It’s much better for you to play with this. It’s okay to be a truck driver… a man. It’s okay because that’s what I want you to be.”

He then held out to me a large wood (obviously homemade) red pickup truck. It was the neatest I’ d seen

  • Story of Judith MacNutt, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 124-125.

Each person’s story is different. We need to he sensitive in listening and deciding how best to pray. At times people have forgotten a key incident in their lives or dismissed it as unimportant.

Judith is a good example. She always had a slight problem with her self-image, especially concerning her body. Although she was a lovely, striking-looking woman, she would turn aside compliments about her appearance, somewhat embarrassed by them. Then when she was thirty, she attended a conference in Staten Island, New York, at which everyone was asked to forgive at least one person who had hurt him. The conference director asked the group to ask the Lord which people they especially needed to forgive.

When Judith did this, an apparently insignificant incident from grade school days popped into her mind. She was on the point of dismissing it when further instruction was given; “No matter how insignificant it may seem, pray about it.” Judith’s “insignificant” incident had happened twenty years before, after she had been badly embarrassed by her teacher in the classroom. Now it was recess and she had gone to the cloakroom to cry, wrapping herself in her mother’s coat for comfort. Then she decided to summon her courage, go out onto the playground and face the other kids. Just as she got to the door, she heard some boys out in the corridor teasing the most popular boy in Judith’s class, a boy Judith liked. They were kidding him and accused him of liking her, Judith. At last, fed up by their teasing, he blew up and exclaimed, “Nobody likes Judith. She’s too fat and ugly. “Upon hearing that devastating remark, Judith disappeared back into the cloakroom. At that time in her life Judith was chubby. But even when she grew taller, lost weight and became extremely popular, she felt vaguely ashamed about her appearance. Now, twenty years later, this shaming experience resurfaced. So Judith asked a friend at the conference to pray with her to forgive the boy who had hurled that judgment of ugly at her. She thought she had forgiven him long ago, but now when she tried to say, “I forgive you,” the words stuck in her throat. But at last she was able to forgive. She cried and something deep within her broke.

Ever since that prayer time fifteen years ago, she has been able to accept compliments about her appearance without turning them aside. Another fascinating side effect was that she lost five pounds that weekend without changing her diet: in the slightest. And she has never regained the weight. People can pick up on all kinds of judgments: “You’re a had boy!” “You’re ugly.” “It’s too bad you’re a girl (or a boy).” “You’ll never amount to anything.” “Why can’t you do anything like ‘your older brother (or sister)?” “You act like a fairy!” These are among the thousands of statements that children hear, accept and proceed to live out. It is no coincidence that much of the Twelve Step program deals with shame. The power of Jesus to break these false judgments is a key to healing the deep-seated self-hatred that burdens many people in our world.

  • Story of perfectionistic priest, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 125.

A poignant example is a priest who took a leave of absence even though he was successful as a pastor, esteemed by his bishop and beloved by his people. It was a mystery even to him why he took a sabbatical; he just knew he had to get out. When I counseled with him, it came to me to ask if there was any particular phrase lie could remember his father saying. He answered immediately: “If you can’t do a thing perfectly, don’t do it at all!” One thing you cannot do perfectly, of course, is be a priest or minister. His father had un intention ally burdened him with a lifetime of guilt. So we prayed to break the hold that his father’s statement still had on him, that ancient perfectionstic lie. Shortly afterward he returned to his successful work as a pastor.

  • How to break word curses:

  1. Forgive the person who said it.

  2. Renounce and reject those words and choose to agree with God’s word.

  3. Break the curse in the Name of Jesus.

  4. If you think that an evil spirit hooked into this word curse then command it to leave in the Name of Jesus.

Inner vows

  • Sometimes we curse ourselves by making inner vows. If we are hurt by something, or see someone else hurt by something, we may make an inner vow to avoid that thing and protect ourselves.

  • Inner vows may not actually be verbalised, but are intentions of the heart. This then puts us in bondage.

  • Examples of inner vows:

  • “I will never love someone again.”

  • “I will never get married.”

  • “Women just want your money.”

  • “Men only want sex.”

  • “I hate men.”

  • “If you open up to people they will only let you down.”

  • “Never trust a white man/black man.”

  • “I wish I was dead.”

  • “Don’t risk anything – you will never win.”

  • “I’ll never be able to hear God’s voice.”

  • “I’ll never trust God like that again.”

  • “Because of that sin, God will never forgive me. I’ve committed the unpardonable sin.”

  • Story of inner vow of girl whose dog was put down, Deliverance From Evil Spirits, pg 126.

Some years ago in Peru, our team prayed with a missionary a Catholic sister, who had a common problem: She was slightly depressed and never experienced much joy about anything. When we talked with her, we could find little wrong in her life that had not been dealt with. But the next day a member of our team, Barbara Shlemon. had a vision in which she saw a girl about eleven years old holding a dog in her lap. This suggested nothing in particular to Barbara, who shared it with the sister and asked if it meant anything to her. At once the sister thought of an incident she had not remembered in years.

When she was about eleven, her best friend was her dog. But because her pet was getting old and feeble, her parents had it taken away and put to sleep. For the adults this made sense, but for the eleven-year-old girl it was devastating. Her parents, the people she most trusted, had killed her best friend. Since loving her dog had caused so much pain, she determined never, ever to trust or love again. This vow shut down the flow of her life. It was as if she had turned the faucet halfway down so that the water of life flowed in a trickle. She asked us to pray that Jesus would break that crippling childhood vow.

The next day she sent us a joyful note: “Life breaks through1! Alleluia!”

  • How to break these inner vows:

  1. The person must repent for making the vow.

  2. The vow must be broken in the Name of Jesus.

  3. If any demonic spirits are associated with it they must be rebuked.

  4. Ask Jesus to restore the person’s life which was wounded by the judgment.

Bitter-root judgements

  • This refers to judging someone else with bitterness in your heart towards them.

  • If something bad happens to someone, or someone they love, or else they simply judge another person for something, it is possible for the very sin that is judged to be bound to the person!

Luke 6:37-38

“Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. 38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Luke 6:37 (TLB)

“Never criticize or condemn– or it will all come back on you.

John 20:23 (NKJ)

“If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you retain the sins of any, they are retained.”

  • When we judge someone else with a bitter heart we open up our lives to come under the same sin.

  • When we walk in unforgiveness and offence we curse ourselves by binding others sin to our lives. We retain their sin in our lives.

  • This is why some people become like the people they hate e.g. father was abusive they become abusive, mother was controlling they become controlling.

  • This is how we can break bitter-root judgements:

  1. Repent for making the bitter-root judgement.

  2. Forgive the person who you are offended with (even if they are dead, or unknown).

  3. Break the judgement in the Name of Jesus.

Soul ties & counterfeit oneness

  • Soul ties and oneness between family and friends, especially husband and wife is a wonderful thing.

  • But it is very easy for men and women to cross healthy boundaries and get into negative and destructive soul ties and counterfeit oneness.

Gen 2:24

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

  • United = Hb: Dabaq = Cling or adhere; figuratively to catch by pursuit. Cleave, follow close or hard after, be joined together, overtake, pursue hard, stick, take. To bring close together, follow close after, be attached to someone, or adhere to one another as with glue.

  • United = Gk: Proskallao = To glue or cement together, stick to, adhere to, join firmly. The word in the NT primarily describes the union of husband and wife. The addition of pros to kallao intensifies the relationship of husband and wife. Proskallao includes faithfulness, loyalty, and permanency in relationships.

Gen 34:2-8 (NKJ)

And when Shechem the son of Hamor the Hivite, prince of the country, saw her, he took her and lay with her, and violated her. 3 His soul was strongly attracted to Dinah the daughter of Jacob, and he loved [lusted after] the young woman and spoke kindly to the young woman. 4 So Shechem spoke to his father Hamor, saying, “Get me this young woman as a wife.” 8 But Hamor spoke with them, saying, “The soul of my son Shechem longs for your daughter. Please give her to him as a wife…

  • In this case we see that Shechem raped Dinah, but a powerful soul tie, filled with lust, gripped him that he had to have her as his wife.

  • We may become soul-tied through sexual, emotional, or spiritual intimacy – physical, emotional, or spiritual oneness. We have a soul-tie or are in counterfeit oneness when we are more involved with someone than we should be.

  • If you find yourself fantasising, dreaming about, desiring, lusting after or have been sexually involved with someone then you need to have soul-ties broken over your life.

  • Story of Christian girl who backslid, Seductions Exposed, pg 18-20.

To illustrate how a person can lose out with God, I remember the pathetic and quite horrendous story of a sweet, young Christian girl who was one of the most dedicated intercessors of the church I attended some years ago. She was constantly studying her Bible, going to church every service, and God used her mightily to counsel and minister to others. She believed God for a Christian mate – a godly man who loved Jesus and put Him first in his life. One day a backslidden Christian young man came into her life. His god was tennis and partying, although at one time he had taught home Bible studies. When he began dating this young lady, he started going back to church and gave a very convincing performance as a committed and repentant young man. He quoted scriptures and attended Bible studies with her. For all appearances, he had come back to the Lord under the influence of this young lady’s life.

Some of those who had known about the young man’s worldliness warned this young lady to take her time really get to know him for they were not fully convinced he had changed. But, like most young people in love, she felt that she could throw caution to the wind. After a short courtship, they announced their engagement and were soon married. The grievous part of this story is that after the honeymoon, the young man decided he no longer wished to be married. Furthermore, he wanted nothing to do with God. He immediately called up old girlfriends got back into the tennis scene, and he never again went to church as long as they were married.

For a couple of years, this girl tried to maintain a walk with the Lord, but the influence of her husband and the discouragement of a bad marriage slowly drew her away from the church. Before long, she had little place in her life God. I was amazed as I watched her become more and more worldly. She found a position working for the airlines and began dating numerous pilots. She left her old Christian friends behind for a fast, new group of associations. In the end, this young lady, who was mightily used of God with gifts and anointings so obvious to everyone lost out with God. Because of an association with worldly and carnal young man, she slowly became worldly and carnal herself, and she had abandoned her strong walk with the Lord.

  • Story of Errol Flynn, Seductions Exposed, pg 78.

The legendary lover, Errol Flynn, was notorious for his many affairs. One of his lovers, Beverly Aadland told how she became involved with Flynn in People Magazine, October 17,1988. As a teenager, she had been led to believe she was reading for a part in a motion picture at Flynn’s home. Actually, he had planned to seduce her and had arranged for everyone to leave them alone. After Flynn raped her and realized she was a virgin, he felt remorse, but neither he nor Aadland could resist the powerful desire to be together from that time on. Even though she initially felt used and abused, Aadland thought she was in love and she became Flynn’s constant companion and traveled with him until his death. They had become soul tied through that initial encounter.

  • Story of Mary who had soul-ties after married, Seductions Exposed, pg 84-86.

Some time ago I received a letter from Mary, a young woman whose story illustrates this truth in a very profound way. As a teenager in high school, she had gone steady with Dan. Even though Mary was not a Christian, she was a moral young woman and wanted to stay pure for her future husband. However, after being steadily pressured, she reluctantly entered into sexual relations with Dan. He told Mary that because they were so much “in love,” sex was the natural response to express that love, and besides, “they would marry someday anyway.” Mary became a Christian during her senior year and told Dan she could no longer have sex with him outside of marriage. She tried to win him to the Lord, but it soon became apparent that he wanted no part of the Lord and the Christian life-style. After high school Mary and Dan broke off their relationship, and Mary moved away, hoping to leave Dan and all the memories of their relationship far behind. After some time, Mary fell in love with Bill, a wonderful Christian man, and eventually married him. The honeymoon of their marriage was wonderful but after that time, she began fantasizing about Dan even though he lived in another city and she had not seen him since several years before her marriage. She loved her husband, but strangely, felt an intense desire to see Dan and be with him. She could not understand her feelings to be with Dan because she no longer loved him. Even though she had repented of her fornication and even confessed it to her husband, her soul could not forget Dan and longed to be with him. The desire to see him became so intense that Mary feared to return to her former city even though her family still lived there. She was afraid to see Dan – afraid she could not resist the drive to physically give in to him. When Mary was shown that her soul was tied to Dan’s soul because he was her first sexual partner, she and her husband broke those soul ties in prayer. With the help of a forgiving and understanding husband, Mary was set free from bondage, healed, and emotionally enabled togive herself entirely to her husband. Her relationship with her husband is now better than ever and she no longer thinks of Dan or has any desire to see him.

  • Story of lecherous priest, Seductions Exposed, pg 86.

I was told recently that in the province of Aquila, Italy, there are small villages where it has been the tradition for the newly married wives to sleep with the village priest on their wedding night. This outrageous tradition was instituted after one of the priests supposedly received a revelation from God instructing them to do so, but it is easy to see why these priests have perpetrated this tradition. There is an insidious consequence of this perverted practice. It has been reported that in those villages the wives are always sneaking away from their husbands to see the priests. Why? Their first sexual relationships were with them; they had become soul tied to the priests. A mysterious covenant had been made between the women and the priests – the two had become “one flesh” just as God’s Word declares.

  • This is how to break soul-ties and counterfeit oneness:

  1. The person must first repent for their sin.

  2. Break the soul-tie/counterfeit oneness in the Name of Jesus.

  3. Pray for the restoration of their soul and filling with God’s presence.

  4. Encourage them to walk in wisdom, purity and holiness from then on.

Spiritual & psychological ties

  • There are other kinds of ties that can bind people. Psychologists call it co-dependency. This is where someone is overly dependent on someone else.

  • Children may over identify with a parent or vice versa, and be bound to that parent, or child, in an unhealthy way. A lot of jokes about in-laws are related to this problem.

  • A husband or wife, or either person in a couple, may be tied in an unhealthy way to the other one. Often their personalities become submerged by the other one. E.g. Mary & Fred may say we are one – we are Fred!

  • The same unhealthy ties may be experienced amongst brothers and sisters, or amongst friends.

  • A person may even be bound in an unhealthy way to a teacher, coach, pastor, boss, sports hero, rock star, actor, leader or other person.

  • People may even develop unhealthy ties to institutions, events or places e.g. sports team e.g. Liverpool soccer team, Springbok rugby team, music group e.g. Elvis, Beatles, U2, Nirvana, festival, school, university, prison, church e.g. HP GHT, group of churches e.g. some denomination or family, a company, city, or nation, or other place.

  • Any of these things may put a person in bondage and tie them in an unhealthy way. They need to be set free. This is done by:

  1. Repenting if there is any sin and renouncing over-dependency.

  2. Setting them free in the Name of Jesus.

Charismatic witchcraft

  • This is trying to control others in a “spiritual” way. It is abusing God and the things of God to try and manipulate, intimidate or dominate others. People say, “God told me to…” or “The Lord led me to…”

  • There are various ways it works e.g. through false prophecy, manipulating prayer, abusing the anointing, twisting Scripture, or controlling leadership.

  • Story of lustful young man, Seductions Exposed, pg 102-103.

Just last night, I counseled a young man about some “super-spiritual” activities in which he was involved. He was absolutely convinced that a certain girl who sang in his church was called to be his wife, and he was doing everything in his power to make it appear that God was putting them together. The young girl asked me to counsel him because the pastors of the church they attended did not feel he was doing anything wrong. She had shared with me how he had written her and described a vision he had of them during a church service. Everyone in the room had supposedly disappeared while a light shone on the two of them, and “God” had spoken to him twice saying, “This is your wife.” He soon began sending her letters, gifts, tapes, and messages through his friends telling her that it was God’s will for them to be together.

This young man had convinced everyone in his church that he was very spiritual by frequently prophesying in the services, working in some of the departments of the church, and making himself available as a servant to the leadership. His pastors saw nothing wrong with his certainly that God had chosen the girl to marry him. My first

indication that he was using manipulation and charismatic witchcraft upon the girl was that he had begun to pray for her will to line up with his. Secondly, he had stood in front of over a thousand people attending a church service and prophesied to her saying something like, “My daughter, my daughter, I’ve heard you singing unto Me

in front of the multitudes but you have not yet been obedient and submitted in the issue I’ve spoken of. When you fully obey Me and submit, I’ll set you free to minister

in a glorious new anointing.”

When I saw that the young man was using his spiritual gifts and influence to manipulate the young lady to become his mate, I shared with him that I believed that this was a working of his flesh. I told him that a familiar, seducing spirit was telling him she was to be his wife, stealing his peace and the peace of the young lady. His immediate response was that God had told him to send the gifts, letters, and to prophesy the words and that he had no choice but to obey God. I shared with him that I Corinthians 14:32 tells us that “the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets.” In other words, God never gives a prophet a certain word and forces him to speak it.

The grievous part of this story is that because he is such a spiritual young man, his leadership does not realize that he is misusing the gifts of God in trying to manipulate others around him and especially this young girl.

  • Reading from Seductions Exposed, pg 115-116.

While we are discussing the power of words, one of the ways that one person may be manipulating and controlling another is through selfish, soulish prayers. That person uses his prayers to attempt to bear pressure upon the mind, will, and emotions (or soul) of another person to achieve his own desires.

I have seen this kind of manipulation at work over and over in the realm of dating and potential marriage partners. For example, a young man may desire to court a certain young lady. Because he feels so strongly and passionately about her, he assumes that she is God’s choice for his mate. Even though he prays and asks the Lord about her, his prayers are really just a plea for confirmation of his own desires because his mind is already made up. He may even use scriptures out of context, like Mark 11:24, which says, “What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them,” to mean that he can pray and claim her by faith as his bride. In his imagination, she is already his wife. To make matters worse, deceiving spirits can then set up circumstances that appear to be the desired confirmation and answer to prayer.

  • Story of manipulating intercessors, Seductions Exposed, pg 22.

It has been my observation that intercessors often have a tendency to share their revelations with one another when they get together and before long find themselves agreeing with one another. Some lime ago, a group of intercessors in my church exhibited this truth in a damaging way. The Eagle’s Nest had gone through some strife and many of the people along with a large portion of the pastoral staff had left the church. One of the intercessors had received a revelation that God’s judgment was about to fall upon me because of my supposed disobedience in leading the church a certain direction. After sharing her views with a few others, they all agreed that if I did not repent, I would be judged like King Nebuchadnezzar, who grew hair like an animal and ate grass in the field.

Because those intercessors had stepped out of their calling as supporters and prayer warriors, they had been deceived into believing they had more vision for the church than their pastor. Their pride had opened them up to a spirit of error. The role of intercessors is to birth the vision received by the leadership through prayer, not to discuss what they may see in the spiritual realm with others- Those intercessors were trying to manipulate me with their warnings and in doing so had fallen into fleshly manipulation. When they confronted me, I exhorted them, telling them they had stepped out of their calling.

One strong intercessor had led them into their deception. Most of them left the church over the incident and some of them have since then gone through grievous marital problems, divorces, and financial shortages.

  • Kim Clement became sick and bed-ridden from receiving false prophetic words.

  • People sometimes use grand, flattering prophecies to win favour.

  • P&W leaders who won’t flow with the pastor.

  • Preachers abusing their anointing to take up offerings e.g. offering taken up in Zambia.

  • Leaders making their followers spiritual slaves.

  • Women receiving visions/dreams/prophecies that they are to divorce their husband and marry another more spiritual man.

  • If we have been victimised by charismatic witchcraft we need to:

  1. Forgive the perpetrator.

  2. Repent if we need to.

  3. Break the power of witchcraft in the Name of Jesus.

Resources & Recommended Reading

Deliverance From Evil Spirits – Francis MacNutt

Evicting Demonic Intruders – Noel & Phyl Gibson

The Triumphant Church – Kenneth Hagin

Seductions Exposed – Gary Greenwald

Alien Entities – Lester Sumrall

Pigs in the Parlour – Frank & Ida Mae Hammond

How to Cast Out Demons – Doris Wagner

Deliverance Workshop – James Lottering

Blessings and Curses – Derek Prince

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