Some of the Best Photo Sharing Sites you may want to review, Got a better site? do tell us..


The Best Photo Sharing Sites

Facebook If you’re like many others (including me), you even do turn to Facebook   when you want to share photos online. Arguably, that’s perfectly fine — after all, your photos are not only stored in a place you access often, but are quickly shared with friends and family who use the social network (so, basically, everyone).  Most importantly: what happens when you get of Facebook and cancel your account? or Facebook starts to share your photos with everyone.. 


Imgur If you’ve spent any time at all on Reddit, you probably already know that Imgur is the favorite free image hosting site for Redditors. You don’t even need to sign-up for a free account if you prefer not to. Images from your computer’s hard drive can be uploaded to Imgur in a mere matter of seconds and can shared on your favorite social network with the simple click of a mouse. Images are hosted there for free as long as you need them to be there and as long as they are viewed at least once every six months. File sizes may be a maximum of 10 MB in size.


Flickr The free account will not suffice for those who want to upload their existing and ongoing photo collection.


Photobucket  Nearly 10 billion hosted photos says it all: Photobucket is popular. It offers unlimited photo and video storage (with file size limits), album organization, Facebook integration, and mobile apps but the 10GB of monthly bandwidth and a 5MB limit for photos on the free account simply won’t cut it for high-res photos


Snapfish With unlimited photo storage and a dead-simple interface, Snapfish has had no problem attracting millions of active users but the users are required to purchase at least one print (9 cents) yearly to prevent their accounts from being closed.


Shutterfly, which recently acquired Kodak Gallery (and its users), continues to grow as one of the largest photo sites, focusing on printing and products like stationery and photo calendars.

Phanfare You may  love Phanfare’s full-screen slideshows that you can create with your own music from iTunes, the ability to create a drop box for friends to upload photos to add to your albums and the service’s easy integration with FrameChannel, for syncing with digital photo frames, and Eye-Fi, for automatic wireless image transfer. Phanfare provides image editing tools for rotating, cropping and correcting exposure and color issues—and the ability to rollback your changes or even undelete photos.   Annual fee of $29 or $99 per year for unlimited storage.
500px  There are two kinds of accounts at 500px: a free version that allows you to upload up to 20 photos per week, and a subscription version for $50/year that has no photo or bandwidth limits

Zenfolio   Zenfolio has no completely free option (aside from the 14-day free trial), but you can get the Basic plan (2GB of storage plus an additional gigabyte each year you’re with the service) for just $25/year. The Unlimited plan is better for enthusiasts: $50/year buys you unlimited storage, HD video support, and a custom domain name. Pros can pay a premium for additional plans with high-end features.

Image Shack    You are allowed to upload up to 500 files every month and unlimited images for Premium users. Photos will be stored on Image Shack forever as long ash they do not break the terms of service. File sizes permitted are 5 MB per photo for free members and 10 MB for Premium members.
.  Your images are stored on the site forever as long as they adhere to the terms of service and you may upload files that are a maximum of 3,000 KB in size

. is a very simplified site that gives you free image hosting for life


Picasa Web Albums   Users can uploaded an unlimited amount of photos at 2,048×2,048 pixels, but are limited to 1GB of storage for photos larger than that. I have used this for years, it is all free just get a free google email


KoffeePhoto  lets you organize your photo library primarily on your computer. Every photo album created using KoffeePhoto is also automatically uploaded to KoffeePhoto servers, allowing you to browse and share your photos direct on the web. KoffeePhoto also automatically synchronizes your content on multiple computers if you use different ones with the same account. KoffeePhoto allows you to share whole photo albums very easily, it only takes two minutes to set up and send an album with more than a hundred photos. Through KoffeePhoto you can also order paper prints from different service providers. KoffeePhoto is also capable of restoring your entire photo library in case of loss of data, using your sharing fellows as backup/restoration endpoints!



Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and SkyDrive are some of the more popular options that are usually focused on document storage, but we’re seeing these services evolve to offer more photo-friendly features, like Google Drive’s thumbnail view. The advantage to using these services is that you’ll rarely encounter file size limits, you can upload any file type you like, and the interfaces are clean and easy to navigate. I have used SkyDrive ( 


or Host your own site
For tech-savvy people who want complete control over their photos without any annoying limitations, a self-hosted site is the way to go. The alternatives are endless, use a free service like WordPress. From there, you’d install a gallery plug-in and tweak it to your liking.I have about 8 such sites..

. Twitpic is the primary host of pictures and photos on Twitter. To upload, you need a Twitter account. Twitpic gives you the convenience of uploading photos (up to 5MB) and posting them to your Twitter account with a tweet and geotags (location data) when available. It is great for keeping your friends and world up to date with what is going on around you. You can even upload using a personal email address when on the go from your smartphone.
Tinypic  The final website to make our list of top free photo sharing and video sharing websites is Tinypic. Tinypic is actually owned by Photobucket and allows you to upload pictures and videos from your computer or a URL. You do not need an account to upload files and therefore can upload as much as you want. Upload limits are 1600 pixels for photos and 5 minutes (truncated if longer) for videos. Great for quickly uploading a picture or two without registering for an account. This is useful for forums, email, or MySpace/Twitter users.

 Got a better site? do now tell us all..


Got a better site? do tell us..

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  1. Sudip Pal says:

    I used to have, it’s a new kind of photo sharing site having facebook album photo import… great features and functionalities etc….

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