Mormonism vs Biblical Teachings about Jesus

Mormon vs Biblical Teachings about Jesus

Mormon Teaching Biblical Teaching
Conception Jesus was conceived by physical union between God the Father and Mary 1 Jesus was conceived supernaturally by the Holy Spirit 2
Marital Status Jesus had several wives 3 No indication that Jesus was married 4
Relationship to Satan Jesus was the brother of Lucifer (Satan) 5 Satan is only a fallen, created angel 6
Origin Jesus was created 7,11 Jesus always was, is now, and forever shall be God; all things were created through Jesus 8
Deity The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three distinct gods 9 There is only one God, but three distinct Persons in the Godhead 10
His Constancy Jesus is our elder brother who progressed to become a god 11 Jesus has existed as God eternally 12
Role in Our Salvation Jesus Christ plays only an initial role in our salvation 13 Salvation is through trust in the finished work of Christ on the cross alone, apart from any work by us 14
Certain sins are beyond the atoning blood of Christ 15 Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was complete 16
Jesus is only one of many saviors 17 Jesus is the one and only Savior 18
Personal Relationship A personal relationship with Christ is discouraged as false doctrine 19 A personal relationship with Christ is a central part of Christianity 20

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Angels – same nature as man?

Baptism – Mormon view of


Blood Atonement – what LDS leaders taught

Book of Mormon – compared to Bible

Burning in Bosom – in gaining a testimony

Christian churchesMormon view of

Christian doctrine – orthodox Christian view of:

Eternal Progression – Mormon view of

Feeling – role of, in gaining LDS testimony

God – characteristics according to Mormonism:

Heaven & Hell:

Holy Spirit – Mormon concept of

Jesus – characteristics according to Mormonism:

Man – characteristics according to Mormonism:


Modern-day revelation – Mormon view of

Moroni 10:4 – challenge

Priesthood – importance in Mormonism

Plurality of Gods – Mormon view of

Prophets – role in LDS church


Smith, Joseph Jr.:

Trinity – Christian doctrine of

Reality: When Mormons say they are Christians they mean Christians according to their own definitions, according to their own false 3 Bibles, and not according to the real Bible of the New Testament.

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  3. I did no know that mormons think Jesus was married–I would be verey interested in knowing how exactly they came to that conclusion.

    I mean since there is no biblical and/or historical proof in support of that farse

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