Prayer Essentials


Articles and prayers to assist you on your spiritual journey.


How to Pray
Lift your concerns to God. Read more.

How to Recieve God’s Guidance
Learn to listen and overcome life’s struggles. Read more.

The Power of Praying Together
Reap the benefits of praying with others. Read more.

Triple Your Prayer Power
Have you ever hit a wall prayer-wise? Read more.

When You Haven’t Had Time for God
Renew your commitment to God with this 2-minute Time Out for the Spirit. Read more.

How to: Fast
Why this practice prepares you for a new spiritual beginning. Read more.

How to Get Help From the Bible
Dr. Peale on how to make use of the greatest of all tools for living life to the fullest. Read More.

When Your Struggles Seem Too Much to Bear
Find encouragement in this  2-minute Time Out for the Spirit. Read more.


Prayers for Spiritual Needs
For Stronger Faith | For God’s Power | For GuidanceFor Salvation 

Prayers for Life’s Challenges

For EnergyWhen in Crisis | When in Financial Trouble | When in Grief | When Making a Difficult Decision | When Worried

Prayers for Every Need   Prayer


About thenonconformer

I am a Canadian, retired and I do have an Engineering degree, from Concordia University , Montreal 1968, plus I had also now worked as a Re/Max Realtor in Calgary too.
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