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 To Fall or Not to Fall

An e-book by Dr. Charles Goodwin

and Rev. Mel C. Montgomery


   An examination of the spiritual manifestation commonly called “Falling in the Spirit.”  We show from Church history, and from Scripture that this experience has been in all of the major revivals of at least the last 300 years or so, and is not unbiblical.

 Do We Have 

An e-book by Dr. Charles Goodwin

and Rev. Mel C. Montgomery


     Drawing from Dr. Goodwin’s expertise in the Greek language, and in orthodox Christian theology, we show that this teaching is not supported by scripture.
















An e-book by Rev. Mel C. Montgomery


     Most of what we are currently teaching in Charismaitc circles concerning spiritual warfare is unbiblical, scripturally unsustainable, and frankly does not work.  These gimmicks only distract us from engaging in the highest form of spiritual warfare as practiced by Christ and Paul.  Read this and be set free.



Teaching Articles 


 Speaking in Tongues

The Boogeyman Called “False Tongues” An examination of the myth of “false tongues.” 
“Charismatic Chaos” RefutedA credentialed and respected theologian easily refutes this anti-Charismatic book. 
Common Objections to Tongues Refuted  Cessationist arguments completely fall apart when compared to scripture and common sense. 
 Cornelius the Gentile Speaks in Tongues  A study of the Holy Spirit falling upon the Gentiles, and the accompanying sign of speaking in tongues.

Did / Does Speaking in Tongues Occur Only in ‘Known Languages?’    

Another common erroneous Cessationist teaching.

Is Speaking in Tongues Always a “Sign to the Jews?  

Exposing a common unscriptural teaching. 

My Message to Anti-Tongues Christians 

We disagree, but we are not enemies.  I accept your testimony of faith in Christ and I invite you to take a fresh look at the Holy Spirit’s gift of tongues.

Paul’s Experience with Speaking in Tongues  

A direct scriptural examination of the Apostle’s personal experience with tongues and his instructions for us today.

Speaking in Tongues at Samaria 

A look at the ministry of Phillip the Evangelist and of James and John at Samaria.

“Speaking in Tongues is the Doorway to the Holy Spirit’s Power. 

Where do you start in your journey to experience more of God’s Presence and Power?

The Three Greatest Errors of the Anti-Tongues Message 

Cessationist arguments are legion, but these three are the most ridiculous and unbiblical. 

Tongues:  Ecstatic vs Inspired  

Speaking in tongues is always inspired and never ecstatic. 

Tongues:  Prayer Language vs Public Gift  

Shows from the Scriptures the distinct differences between these two manifestations of speaking in tongues.

Tongues Throughout Church History  

Examines ancient Christian documents for the statements of Early Church fathers about speaking in tongues.




 The Holy Spirit

A New Pentecost?  Observations on several developments that seem to be pointing to God giving us a new Pentecostal outpouring.

Imparting Spiritual Gifts I 

How did the Faith Giants receive their gifts and anointings?  The answer will surprise you.  

Imparting Spiritual Gifts II  Are spiritual gifts imparted through the laying on of hands?  
Laughing in the Spirit.  The controversial manifestation.  Is it of God or not? A common sense, historical examination of this move of God’s Spirit.
Holy Spirit from Moses to Pentecost    Everything you ever wanted to know about the work of the Holy Spirit from the days of Moses to Pentecost.


Is the Word of Faith Message Heretical? 

A theologian gives a reasoned response. 

My Thoughts on the Richard Roberts Controversy 

What’s really going on here?  How should we respond?  

Who is My Enemy?The Bible explains why some people choose to become our enemies, and why we sometimes feel enmity towards others. 

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